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Osstem launches collagen membranes for natural bone regeneration in Europe

In June, Osstem will release OssMem, a resorbable membrane that ensures stable new bone formation and prevents inflammation, in Europe. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Mon. 26. April 2021


ESCHBORN, Germany: Osstem Implant has announced the upcoming European launch of OssMem, the latest addition to the company’s guided bone regeneration (GBR) portfolio. According to Osstem, this new resorbable membrane provides an excellent barrier for new bone formation and is available in two types (soft and hard), depending on preference.

Resorbable collagen membrane

OssMem is a membrane for bone regeneration that acts not only as a barrier but also as a bioactive compartment. Its bovine Type I collagen protects the regeneration site from the migration of unwanted epithelial cells, while absorbing mediators and growth factors advantageous for bone regeneration. Furthermore, boasting a durability as a barrier membrane that extends up to four months, OssMem ensures the structural integrity essential for regenerative function. After this period, it is completely resorbed, boosting long-term regenerative function. OssMem is easy to use, featuring properties such as pull-up and tear resistance and smooth surface settling performance.

Soft and hard types available

Depending on preference, users can combine two types of OssMem: a soft type with smoother surface adaptability and a hard type with greater graft stabilisation and volume preservation.

Expanded GBR offering

In addition, Osstem has introduced A-Oss and Q-Oss+, materials for volume-preserving xenografts and fast and safe alloplasts, to the European market as a part of its comprehensive range of GBR products.

OssMem will become available in Europe in June through local Osstem sales representatives.

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