Osstem Implant opens global hub for research and development in Seoul

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Osstem Implant opens global hub for research and development in Seoul

Osstem Implant’s research and development department is now located in the Magok Industrial Complex, an industrial hub centred on cutting-edge research and development facilities. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Mon. 17. August 2020


SEOUL, South Korea: Osstem Implant, one of the world’s major dental implant manufacturers, has recently established a new state-of-the-art digital technology research and development (R & D) centre. Located in the Magok Industrial Complex in south-western Seoul in South Korea, the centre will serve as a hub for providing next-generation fully digital solutions, thereby strengthening the company’s position in the global dental implant market.

World-class dental technology complex

The new R & D centre was built with an investment of over €63 million and opened on 30 July. Together with the current manufacturing centre, the Orange Tower in Busan, it will function as the R & D centre as well as the global corporate headquarters of Osstem Implant. With the new global R & D centre, the company now has its full infrastructure all in one venue in order to enhance R & D, as well as improve collaboration between other departments such as quality regulation, licensing, marketing and administration. The new R & D centre will contribute towards achieving Osstem Implant’s vision of becoming the leader in the global dental implant industry by 2023. It is expected to be a next-generation dental complex that incorporates the latest technologies.

Accelerating R & D synergy

Activities at Osstem Implant’s new research and development centre will contribute to fulfilling its goal of becoming the world’s best implant company. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Osstem Implant has been consistently developing R & D as the key to its competitiveness. “As research is the core element of the company, we are investing over 7% of sales revenue in R & D annually,” said Dr Tae-Kwan Eom, CEO of Osstem Implant. At the new R & D centre, the company will bring together researchers from its ten other research centres and hire over 500 additional experienced researchers. On 31 July, Osstem Implant was listed among this year’s 100 best companies to work for by the South Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Inviting dentists to the site of cutting-edge education

Osstem Implant has been striving to enhance the clinical implant knowledge and treatment capabilities of dentists. The company has invited over 12,000 South Korean dentists and 1,000 dentists from other countries around the globe to undergo in-depth clinical training and education at the new site.

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