Osstem Implant – K3 dental unit chair

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Osstem Implant – K3 dental unit chair


Amazingly attractive

As a total dental solution provider, Osstem Implant has been showcasing a comprehensive range of products. In addition to implant systems, surgical kits, and supplementary materials, it has also been selling K3, a dental unit chair, in 38 countries since 2013 in Europe (since 2017), the US, Middle East, and Asia. In the Korean market, the sales volume of K3 ranked first with a market share of over 50%, reaching over 5,000 units worldwide in 2019. K3 will continue to write this success story by delivering supreme comfort to dentists, patients, and assistants in Europe as well.

Doctor’s table

The doctor’s table features a 4.3″ full-colour LCD panel giving dentists all the information they need at a glance. The spacious tabletop includes an instrument tray, a mouse pad, and a chart holder so that the dentists have all the necessary tools and information for optimal patient treatment.

Assistant’s unit

The assistant’s unit has been designed to reduce work steps and improve promptness. The straightforward operation panel and ergonomic design maximise convenience and efficiency throughout the treatment process.

Ergonomic chair

K3 features a wide seat and back supports, with easily adjustable head and armrests to achieve the most comfortable position for the patient. Combining an ergonomic design with a high-performance hydraulic motor, this chair unit is highly satisfied while also maintaining control and visibility for the dentist. In addition, the LED lamp supplies six different levels of brightness, and the unique reflector provides shadowless light. A special filter removes the blue wavelength, which can affect the hardening of resins.


In July 2021, Osstem’s global technical service centre will open in Prague in the Czech Republic, where the European headquarter will also be located, to provide an extensive services―from installation to after-service process―by professional engineers.

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