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D4 Dental Clinic elevates dental care in Shanghai with Planmeca solutions

Located in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, the D4 Dental Clinic combines cutting-edge Planmeca technology, sophisticated design and personalised service. (All images: D4 Dental Clinic)

Tue. 23. January 2024


SHANGHAI, China: Nestled within the L’Avenue shopping mall in Shanghai, the D4 Dental Clinic is a local favourite not only because of its convenient location and inviting interior design but also thanks to its modern and customer-centric approach to dental treatment. With digital technologies at the heart of every treatment, the clinic is the first certified Digital Smile Design clinic in Asia. According to the clinic’s owner, Dr Herman Hsu, “D4” stands for “delicate”, “digital”, “dental” and “design”—keywords for every treatment performed at the clinic.

In achieving his treatment goals, Dr Hsu relies on Planmeca technology. When he moved D4 to its new location a few years back, he made a deliberate choice to equip the clinic with Planmeca’s state-of-the-art dental solutions: a Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic CBCT imaging unit, a Planmeca ProX intra-oral radiographic device and five Planmeca Compact i Classic dental chair units, offering premium comfort for all patients visiting the clinic.

The decision to go with Planmeca was cemented during a collaborative project in 2016, in which the jaw motion tracking feature of the Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid imaging unit caught Dr Hsu’s attention. After a trial run, he was convinced by the impeccable design, practical features and user-friendly workflow optimisation of Planmeca’s products.

Comfort redefined with Planmeca dental chair units

Dr Hsu’s journey with Planmeca began in his childhood. His father was a dentist, and his clinic was equipped with Planmeca dental chair units. This early exposure left a lasting impression on Dr Hsu. As his professional journey unfolded, Planmeca continued to be his constant companion.

Dr Hsu still recalls his first experience with a Planmeca dental chair unit and his surprise at how comfortable its chair was. Over the years, his patients have noticed it too. They feel at ease in the chairs, and some have even found them so relaxing that they have fallen asleep during treatment.

The design and intelligent features of Planmeca dental chair units were yet another reason to choose the company’s products. According to Dr Hsu, the compact design of the units has helped to optimise the space in the treatment rooms. In addition, the units’ integrated infection control has ensured the efficiency and safety of daily workflows.

Infection control protocols can also be easily managed through the Planmeca Romexis Clinic Management software, which allows for seamless management of all Planmeca products and patient data in one platform, simplifying the clinic’s business and clinical analysis.

Dr Herman Hsu, owner of D4 Dental Clinic.

Dr Herman Hsu, owner of D4 Dental Clinic.

The Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic CBCT imaging unit.

The Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic CBCT imaging unit.

The D4 Dental Clinic is equipped with Planmeca Compact i Classic dental chair units.

The D4 Dental Clinic is equipped with Planmeca Compact i Classic dental chair units.

Digital tools streamline top-notch patient care

Circling back to imaging, one standout feature for Dr Hsu is the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose (ULD) 3D imaging protocol employed by his Planmeca CBCT unit, allowing him to capture 3D images while following responsible low-dose principles. He especially values the detailed 3D images that can be captured with a small field of view. Thanks to the Planmeca ULD feature, the effective patient doses are even lower than those usually needed for panoramic imaging.

Using Planmeca ULD has made the choice to obtain a 3D image straightforward, especially in more complicated cases where 2D images may not suffice. Although patients themselves are often unaware of the significance of radiation doses, Dr Hsu prioritises their safety by using the Planmeca ULD protocol.

Dr Hsu also applauds the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the Planmeca Romexis software, which has allowed dental assistants and dentists working at D4 to quickly adapt to using the software. The software’s advanced tools have also contributed to the digitalisation of different steps of the clinical workflows at the clinic.

With Planmeca as its trusted partner, D4 continues to set new standards for dental care in Shanghai, providing a space where patients not only receive top-notch care but can also experience the full potential of their smiles—all with the help of digital technologies and software.

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