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Working with Planmeca solutions

Montenegrin dentist Dr Zoran Vlahović says Planmeca solutions continue to help him to run a safe and modern clinic, and to involve his patients in treatment planning. (Photograph: Planmeca)
Planmeca Group

Planmeca Group

Fri. 28. June 2019


HELSINKI, Finland: A safe and modern clinic is a priority for Dr Zoran Vlahović, who runs a dental practice in Montenegro. In order to achieve this goal, Vlahović has equipped his clinic with Planmeca dental chairs and CBCT units and he involves his patients in treatment planning using Planmeca Romexis. Now, Vlahović plans to expand the services of his clinic to include intra-oral scanning and 3-D printing.

Vlahović runs the Vdental Center dental surgery and implantology practice in Podgorica in Montenegro. This clinic is currently equipped with a Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic CBCT unit and four Planmeca dental chairs. The second Vdental Center clinic site, situated in Budva in Montenegro, also uses a Planmeca CBCT unit and Planmeca dental chairs.

Having a safe and modern clinic is essential for Vlahović, who has been using Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic and Planmeca Romexis dental software since 2011. He followed the CBCT and digital protocols carefully and, based on his colleagues’ positive user experiences, decided to invest in Planmeca imaging equipment. “I was already impressed with the presentation of the Planmeca CBCT units and our previous experiences with a Planmeca panoramic imaging unit, but I also asked my colleagues in the region what their experiences with the CBCT units were. Since their feedback was so good, we decided to start using Planmeca,” Vlahović explained.

Having used Planmeca products for several years, Vlahović said he is especially impressed with Romexis, which he regards as a genuine pleasure to work with. He considers the implantology modules as the highlight of the software and is particularly pleased with the implant library, which the company updates shortly after the release of a new implant or sleeve.

“I have been using other dental software as well, but I find Romexis better than the others. The screen quality is better, especially on a Mac, the pictures are more natural and the options are simpler and easier to use. I really enjoy working with Romexis software,” he said.

Vlahović believes his patients appreciate the unique and customisable colours of the Planmeca equipment. He also enjoys showing his patients the detailed and natural images captured with the Planmeca ProMax unit and makes use of the equipment to involve his patients in treatment planning.

“I always meet my patients before an oral surgery and show them the radiographs with Romexis,” he said. “This way, I can visualise what the current situation looks like in 3-D and explain what is possible to do or what might be a complication,” Vlahović continued. For example, using radiographs, he can explain three possible approaches to the treatment while showing the patient these options on the Romexis system.

The ability to offer an excellent customer experience is another thing Vlahović appreciates about his Planmeca equipment. According to his experience, the local Planmeca dealer in Montenegro has always offered precise technical support and Vlahović feels that Planmeca values maintaining strong relationships with its customers. “Planmeca really listens to dentists and our experiences with Planmeca products. As clinicians, we really appreciate that they make changes and adaptations to the products based on our feedback.”

“I am satisfied with Planmeca because the company functions like a family. I can call the guys from Planmeca in the afternoon, outside working hours or over the weekend, and I always have support and backup from them. I even consider the previous area export manager, Katerina Orovchanek, and the current area export manager, Matti Muikku, as my friends, instead of just business partners, and I am really grateful for all their support.”

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