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Premier discussion forum for endodontics starts today in Dubai

Stephen Jones, co-chairman of the 2016 ROOTS SUMMIT, held the opening speech of the event. (Photograph: Dental Tribune International)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 30. November 2016


DUBAI, UAE: Today, the 2016 ROOTS SUMMIT kicked off at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Dubai. Over the next three days, more than 300 expected attendees from around the globe will have the opportunity to join lectures held by distinguished experts. This morning, the chairmen of the conference welcomed attendees and highlighted the mission of the ROOTS SUMMIT in their opening speeches.

Co-chairman Dr Freddy Belliard opened the meeting, saying: “We are very happy that so many people have joined us for this endodontic learning event and adventure. Dubai was chosen as the meeting place for this year’s ROOTS SUMMIT owing to its ease of access and proximity to such a large percentage of the world’s population and the ROOTS community’s membership base. We have grown ROOTS to over 22,000 global members since changing the format to a Facebook group four years ago. A significant reason for this exponential growth in membership is the very simple philosophy and discipline that we employ every day in the ROOTS group.”

Scientific chairman Dr David Jaramillo added, “The 22 lecturers from 18 different countries who have volunteered their time for the 2016 ROOTS SUMMIT personify all of these ideals and more. They and the organising committee look forward to a deep and meaningful interaction and to sharing a practice-improving learning experience with the participants. This group is completely representative of the global nature of ROOTS. They are generously providing us all with the most current and up-to-date information regarding both scientific literature and clinical techniques. This information will be shared with participants from nearly 50 countries and it is intended that they will then share it with endodontic enthusiasts in their home areas.”

In concluding, co-chairman Stephen Jones stated, “The ROOTS SUMMIT would not be possible without the help and support of a very publicly minded group of sponsoring companies. These companies are actively engaged and sincerely interested in the profession that they serve. It is our hope that attendees will engage with them too, both to learn what they have to offer and to share their knowledge about how products can be used to help improve patient outcomes, thereby improving results for everyone.”

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