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Review: This was ROOTS SUMMIT 2022

The enthusiastic organisers of ROOTS SUMMIT. From left: Dr David E. Jaramillo, scientific chairman, and Dr Freddy Belliard and Stephen Jones, co-chairmen. (Image: DTI)

PRAGUE, Czech Republic: Over 400 people from 42 countries travelled to Prague to attend ROOTS SUMMIT 2022, which was held at the innovative Cubex Centre Prague from 26 to 29 May and organised in collaboration with Dental Tribune International. After a four-year break, the organisers, speakers and participants alike were delighted to see each other again.

“A real community has developed over the years with members from so many different countries. A four-year gap between events did not dilute the enthusiasm in any way. The joy of everyone being together with their friends from around the globe was evident at every break during the meeting. Our sponsors were happy to be able to spend time with the attendees and the attendees with them,” said ROOTS SUMMIT Co-Chairman Stephen Jones.

Participants benefitted from nine practical workshops and quality instruction from 11 speakers on topics such as minimally invasive endodontics, bioceramics in endodontics and endodontic algorithms in decision-making and the clinical workflow. The educational offering was complemented by an abundance of networking opportunities that led to new friendships, as is typical of ROOTS SUMMIT meetings.

When asked why he had decided to come to this year’s ROOTS SUMMIT, an attendee replied: “I like the interdisciplinary approach of this conference. I am a prosthodontist, and I like the intersections between prosthodontics and endodontics, which you get to learn about at ROOTS SUMMIT. The high-quality lectures are clinically based; it’s not just theories, and that’s what I appreciate most.”

Friday evening was a highlight of the event, when the ROOTS SUMMIT community met for a lively dinner at the U Fleků brewery in the heart of Prague. Event organisers, speakers and attendees enjoyed reconnecting in-person and making up for lost time during the pandemic. Over traditional food and drinks, accompanied by live music, the group created lasting memories.

“It’s a fantastic event. It’s all about learning, and I always enjoy it,” said an industry representative. In response to being asked about her personal highlight at ROOTS SUMMIT 2022, she replied: “I think meeting colleagues from across the globe that you haven’t seen in so long. The learning is truly important, but seeing and meeting colleagues from all across the globe is so important too. We have been hibernating for two years, and now it’s time to shake a leg.”

Summarising the event, Jones said: “We wanted everyone to learn a lot and have a great time, and by all accounts that happened!”

ROOTS SUMMIT is going Greek

Rome, Lisbon, Cairo, somewhere in Asia—speakers and participants guessed at the location of ROOTS SUMMIT 2024. At the closing ceremony on Sunday, it was announced that the next meeting would be held in Athens. More details on the exact dates and venue are to follow soon.

In response to being asked which three main characteristics he associates with ROOTS SUMMIT, speaker Dr Jenner Argueta replied: “Learning, enjoying and excitement for the next one!”

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