ROOTS SUMMIT 2022—Interview with speaker Dr Jenner Argueta

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ROOTS SUMMIT 2022—“I can’t wait to experience the best endo meeting again”

According to ROOTS SUMMIT speaker Dr Jenner Argueta, it is time for the ROOTS family to reunite in Prague. (Image: Yitz Fisch/Shutterstock, Jenner Argueta)

Dr Jenner Argueta from Guatemala will be a speaker at the upcoming ROOTS SUMMIT, which will be held from 26 to 29 May in Prague in the Czech Republic. During his hands-on course, the expert, who runs a practice that focuses on micro-endodontics and micro-restorative dentistry, will show attendees how to handle complex clinical scenarios with the help of 3D magnification. Prior to the event, Dr Argueta shared how this technology can benefit dental professionals and what he is most looking forward to at the event.

Dr Argueta, what skills will participants learn in your hands-on course and how are these going to benefit them in treating patients?
As clinicians, we face complex clinical scenarios in everyday practice, such as root canals with ledges, radicular resorptions, perforations and areas having difficult access during surgery. The objective of my workshop is to show attendees how to handle this type of situation in the most comfortable and predictable manner by using novel materials, state-of-the-art equipment and 3D magnification.

During your hands-on course participants will experience how to work with 3D magnification. What are some of the advantages for dental professionals of using such technology?
Having the possibility of moving the optical pod of the 3D microscope to any angle in order to focus on any area of the oral cavity while maintaining the correct ergonomic posture is a priceless advantage of 3D microscopic technology. This advantage is enhanced by high-definition 3D imaging with outstanding depth of field, which is transmitted to a monitor that is perfectly positioned in front of the clinician. These advantages make the clinical workflow easier, more predictable and more enjoyable.

Is your course open to experienced endodontists as well as to dental students?
Certainly! The goal is to show simplified techniques for solving complex clinical situations, and these simplified techniques will be applicable for both dental students and trained endodontists. However, experienced endodontists will experience at first hand how 3D technology can contribute to their clinical practice.

You have attended previous editions of the endodontic meeting. Looking back now, how would you sum up these events and how excited are you that you will be back at ROOTS SUMMIT in Prague soon?
I attended ROOTS SUMMIT 2016 in Dubai in the UAE and ROOTS SUMMIT 2018 in Berlin in Germany. Both were high quality events in terms of organisation, science, lectures, camaraderie and friendship. I can’t wait to experience the best endo meeting again. It is time to get the ROOTS family reunited in Prague!

Editorial note:

Dr Argueta’s hands-on course, titled “Management of complex clinical situations with the help of 3D magnification”, will be held on 26 May from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
More information on the programme and registration can be found on the ROOTS SUMMIT website.

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