ROOTS SUMMIT makes great comeback in Prague

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ROOTS SUMMIT makes great comeback in Prague

Attendees were treated to the latest in endodontic research at ROOTS SUMMIT with Dr Meetu Ralli Kohli presenting on bioceramics. (Image: DTI)

PRAGUE, Czech Republic: ROOTS SUMMIT, the leading global symposium for endodontics, is currently taking place until 29 May at the modern Cubex Centre Prague. The 2020 event having been postponed owing to the pandemic and held as a virtual meeting in 2021, the ROOTS SUMMIT community is delighted to convene in person once more. Over 400 participants from 42 countries are here for the excellent training and educational opportunities on the latest in the endodontic cosmos and to revel in the social spirit of the meeting.

“ROOTS SUMMIT is a global community that has been isolated from each other for a little over two years. You can just feel the mood right now: it has a very happy feel in the building and that’s just nice to experience. Everybody’s glad to be out of their basements and off Zoom,” said ROOTS SUMMIT Co-Chairman Stephen Jones on the meeting’s ambiance.

Yesterday, the congress kicked off with nine hands-on courses, giving attendees practical experience to take back to their dental offices. Among others, Dr Jenner Argueta (Guatemala) presented on the management of complex clinical situations with the help of 3D magnification. Speaking about his workshop topic, he said: “Having the possibility of moving the optical pod of the 3D microscope to any angle in order to focus on any area of the oral cavity while maintaining the correct ergonomic posture is a priceless advantage of 3D microscopic technology.”

During his workshop, Dr Gianluca Plotino (Italy) discussed and demonstrated clinical procedures for instrumenting root canals of varying complexity on resin teeth. Participants practised the techniques using the files on extracted natural teeth with open access cavities to have “a better overview of the performance of the tools”, according to Dr Plotino.

Bioceramic applications was the main focus of the hands-on course presented by Dr Ahmed Shawky (Egypt), during which participants learned a number of things, including how to obtain the optimum consistency of bioceramics, as well as the uses of bioceramics as a repair material for resorptive lesions and in vital pulp therapy.

More fun to come

During the next three days, ROOTS SUMMIT participants will be able to immerse themselves in various topics, such as endodontic microsurgery, addressed in a lecture by Dr Jaime Silberman (US), and advanced analysis of closed system negative pressure irrigation in the lecture by Dr Stephen Buchanan (US). Dr Hugo Sousa Dias (Portugal) will be holding a lecture on the management of pulp canal obliteration, sharing tips on how to achieve mechanical and biological goals in endodontic treatment.

Commenting on the spirit of the meeting, Jones told Dental Tribune International: “Our meeting is different in that everybody sees the same lectures. At a lot of meetings, your friends may go to one and you may go to another one. But at ROOTS SUMMIT, everybody gets to see the same sessions and that tends to create a little bit more camaraderie during the breaks and at the party, since we have common ground to speak about.”­

“You can just feel the mood right now: it has a very happy feel in the building”— Stephen Jones, ROOTS SUMMIT Co-Chairman

Further educational opportunities include the oral and poster presentations and the industry exhibition. During the breaks, attendees can visit the stands of the exhibiting companies and speak to their industry representatives. Jones said: “There’s no possibility of this meeting occurring without our sponsors. Many of these industry people I’ve known for a substantial amount of time and the amount of knowledge that they have about their specific products is not to be under-estimated. There’s a lot to be learned at the stands, talking to very experienced salespeople.”

Of course, a major reason participants are at ROOTS SUMMIT is to spend time in each other’s company and the social highlight of the meeting will allow them to do just that. At the get-together at the famous U Fleků brewery tonight, they can enjoy a traditional Czech dinner and drinks.

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