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Interview: ROOTS SUMMIT “puts things in a different perspective”

Dr Daniel Černý discussed reliable adhesive post-endodontic restorations during his lecture at ROOTS SUMMIT 2018 in Berlin. (Photograph: Tom Carvalho, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 18. July 2018


“After ROOTS SUMMIT is before ROOTS SUMMIT” was one of the main phrases heard at this year’s event. Its origin can be traced to the previous event when, even before its completion, the organisers Stephen Jones, Dr Freddy Belliard and Dr David Jaramillo already started planning the next ROOTS SUMMIT. With ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 taking place in Prague in the Czech Republic from 21 to 24 May, Dental Tribune Online spoke with lecturer Dr Daniel Černý about a potential upcoming home-turf advantage and the highlights of the 2018 ROOTS SUMMIT.

Dr Černý, how important is the scientific programme to the ROOTS SUMMIT as a congress?
I think ROOTS is more clinically relevant rather than scientifically. And I feel this is more appreciated by the general practitioners who come to our meetings. It is in contrast with “true science”, where we would just share numbers and statistics. That might be a bit boring, you know [laughs].

What is your favourite lecture from this year?
I liked Dr Jorge Vera’s lecture. His topic—pain and infection management in a contemporary endodontic office—is something with which we all struggle, so it was nice to learn from him. Other than that, I also liked Dr Elisabetta Cotti’s approach.

Many people have mentioned that ROOTS is like a big family. Can you touch on that?
It sure feels like a family. Especially considering that this is my first time at a ROOTS SUMMIT, yet I already know many of the lecturers and people in the audience who just came to listen. So, yes, I feel like we are a family.

Even though this is your first time, can you summarise the importance this congress has to endodontists around the world?
I think that there are two main points. The first one is that you need to refresh your knowledge in different ways, other than just reading articles. The second thing is that, since we operate across the globe, we need to learn from each other on a personal level. Of course, now we can communicate via Facebook and Twitter, which makes it somewhat easier than in the past.

But I think that being together and learning something new from each other is very valuable and is easier to do if you feel good and have friends around. And, that way, it positively impacts our patients as well. At the end of the day, that is what it is all about. So, I can definitely say that ROOTS is helpful and crosses borders.

This is especially important in this day and age where it is difficult for some people to cross borders physically, especially with anti-immigrant activity. I would say that meetings like this, where people get together from all over the world, are actually raising awareness that this is not the reality we want. Because when people from 50 different countries gather at the same meeting, you realise that we all have the same focus and the same interests in family and work. It really puts things in a different perspective.

One of the biggest surprises at the 2018 ROOTS SUMMIT was, of course, where the next edition will take place. How do you feel about the decision to host the 2020 event in Prague?
Well, I cannot blame anyone for being excited about it [laughs]. It is something the event organisers and I have been discussing for a while. Of course, there were several options, but I am glad that the event will take place in my home country. I have over 15 years of experience in organising events and programmes. And, since this is my home, it is familiar and certainly an advantage in terms of bringing people together.

Having ROOTS in Prague will be quite exciting for the folks here and, of course, it is exciting for me too. The city in spring is beautiful and definitely the place to be. The Cubex Centre Prague is a brand new event venue and features thrilling technology. Then you walk for a bit and enter a medieval-looking part of town, but this mix is the beauty of Prague. Hence, it feels much smaller than some major cities with four or five million inhabitants, but it is not any less enjoyable. So, I think people will have a lot of fun at the 2020 ROOTS SUMMIT in Prague.

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