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Opening ceremony: ROOTS SUMMIT 2018 makes an auspicious beginning

Co-chairmen Stephen Jones and Dr Freddy Belliard and scientific chairman Dr David Jaramillo (from left) in front of the sponsor wall. (Photograph: Monique Mehler, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 29. June 2018


BERLIN, Germany: The 2018 ROOTS SUMMIT, the leading global symposium for endodontology, is taking place until 1 July and was today ceremonially opened by co-chairman Stephen Jones and scientific chairman Dr David Jaramillo at the historic building of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT). Over 450 participants from 50 countries have travelled to the capital to learn about the newest techniques and trends in the specialty and to share their own experiences.

Addressing the audience first, Jones thanked co-organiser Dental Tribune International for their targeted efforts to promote the event and bring the international endodontic community together. He also expressed his gratitude to the sponsors, including META BIOMED, Dental Engineering Laboratories and Kavo Kerr, whose support has brought the ROOTS SUMMIT to the pinnacle of endodontics today. Introducing the scientific programme, Jaramillo said: “The lectures are being held by speakers known worldwide, all of whom are amazing. We are going to have a great deal of fun and we are going to learn a lot!”

ROOTS SUMMIT 2018 is taking place at the ESMT, a beautiful and historic landmark right in the heart of the city, which boasts state-of-the-art facilities and offers a great deal of space for the event activities, including an exhibition featuring internationally prominent companies specialising in endodontics.

During the next three days, ROOTS SUMMIT participants will be able to immerse themselves in the varied scientific programme—Drs Stephen Buchanan, Daniel Černý and Jenner Argueta Zepeda are some of the most anticipated speakers—and to earn up to 28 continuing education credits. The entertaining social events will provide opportunities to engage with peers from around the world. Besides these possibilities, attendees can speak to exhibiting companies about the latest innovations of the dental world.

Attendees at the welcome reception tonight will receive a free entry to win admission to the 2018 International Federation of Endodontic Associations’ World Endodontic Congress in Seoul in South Korea, including a return flight. While dining on delicious fare, participants can enjoy the musical accompaniment of a string quartet this evening. Furthermore, Jones invited everyone to see the Uruguay–Portugal FIFA World Cup game tomorrow night, also part of the ROOTS SUMMIT social line-up.

“Thank you for coming! Let us do what we can do best, let us learn a lot of new things about endodontics,” concluded Jones.

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