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Interview: “Our 3D-printing solution is born from the dental community”

SprintRay’s Patrick Thurm is convinced that all dental practices, laboratories and even patients can benefit from 3D printing. (Image: Dental Tribune International)
Claudia Duschek & Iveta Ramonaite, DTI

Claudia Duschek & Iveta Ramonaite, DTI

Mon. 20. September 2021


3D printing is here to stay, and it continues to be one of the major topics in dentistry. Just recently, Dental Tribune International had the pleasure of speaking with Patrick Thurm, the managing director and general manager for Europe at SprintRay. In this interview, Mr Thurm talks about expansion and about the current state of the 3D-printing market and discusses what distinct features set the SprintRay Pro apart from other 3D printers currently used in dentistry.

Mr Thurm, in March, you became the general manager for SprintRay’s operations in Europe and subsequently opened the company’s European branch office in Germany. How have SprintRay’s solutions been accepted by European dentists so far?
We have received great feedback from dentists and laboratories. We opened the European branch office in May 2021 in Weiterstadt in Germany, close to Frankfurt Airport. Recently, we have welcomed several dentists, orthodontists and dental laboratories to our showroom and have spread our message in webinars and online. We are proud to be working with dental key opinion leaders who quickly adapted our solutions into their practices and laboratories.

We work with leading dental distributors across Europe and have attracted a great amount of dental and non-dental talent to join us in our journey to provide frictionless dental workflow solutions. The best feedback we have received was from a dentist, who commented that our product was providing the “experience as if Tesla and Apple had built a 3D printer together”. Our customer support has also received very positive feedback.

SprintRay's 3D-printing ecosystem was exclusively developed with dentists and dental laboratories for the dental market. (Image: Image Dental Tribune)

SprintRay’s motto is “The next 100 years in dentistry”. How is your company living up to this?
3D printing in dentistry is much more than just a new technology. It has the potential to control costs, improve flexibility and expand the scope of patient care. To deliver on this potential, we made the SprintRay Pro the most user-friendly, powerful and reliable desktop 3D printer in dentistry.

Our 3D-printing solution is born from the dental community. It arises from the collaboration of master designers, world-class dental professionals and superlative engineers, who operate in total alignment with a single goal, which is to revolutionise dentistry by bringing affordable and easy in-office manufacturing to every dental practice in the world.

What are the distinctive features of the SprintRay Pro?
SprintRay provides a frictionless digital dental workflow, from the seamless integration of a dental scanner and the possibility of choosing a digital design service to the 3D printing, washing and curing. It is also easy to operate since it boasts plug-and-play, intuitive handling and easy-to-use 3D-printing software. It is fast, effective and precise. Also, SprintRay has an open certified system and works with SprintRay resins as well as with other verified resins. Finally, it offers high-class customer support.

What advantages does the printer have compared with competitor’s products? 
Our 3D-printing system was exclusively developed with dentists and dental laboratories for the dental market, and our team consists solely of 3D-printing experts. We do our best to understand and meet the needs of the dental community and offer solutions that drive high patient satisfaction.

All areas of dentistry are covered by 3D printing, including printed study models, surgical guides, metal frameworks, dental prostheses, temporary crowns and bridges, occlusal splints, aligners, and removable dentures. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

What exactly can be printed and with which materials? 
We are able to print a broad range of applications and materials. All kinds of models can be printed, including aligner models and die models and study models, and our portfolio includes biocompatible dental applications such as occlusal guards/splints, permanent and temporary crowns and bridges, surgical guides, indirect bonding trays, denture bases/teeth, and wax-ups. We have a wide range of high-quality SprintRay resins, but also a broad range of validated and certified materials available from other 3D-printing resin manufacturers. Users are free to choose from either range of materials.

What can IDS visitors expect at your booth?
At IDS 2021, we are looking forward to continuing the conversation and getting in touch with interested laboratories and the dental industry in Europe and abroad. We want to both demonstrate and discuss how our 3D-printing solutions provide benefits for dentists, laboratories and, ultimately, patients by providing 3D-printed indications like crowns, aligner models, surgical guides, night guards, splints and dentures quickly, precisely, and at reduced costs. There will be users of our system at the booth who will share their first-hand experience of our frictionless and easy-to-use dental workflow. We really are looking forward to the event, and we invite visitors to be part of the future today.

Editorial note: Visitors to IDS can learn more about SprintRay’s products at Booth J018–L019 in Hall 3.1. More information can be found at en.sprintray.com/.

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