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SprintRay innovations enable faster 3D-printing workflows

Workflows are accelerated when in-house 3D printing utilises SprintRay Pro S 3D printers, RayWare Cloud technology and new EU-certified materials. (Image: SprintRay)


Mon. 30. May 2022


LOS ANGELES, US: SprintRay has announced the launch of the Pro S dental 3D printer product line in combination with RayWare Cloud and new SprintRay resins. Harnessing the power of Smart Print AI, RayWare Cloud means that it is no longer necessary to install programs or run updates and that all processes are available on just about any device. Radio frequency identification and smart sensors provide accurate tracking of resin use and projects throughout the lifetime of the printer.

Smart Print AI will automatically manage the orientation, supports and layout of any project. This translates into fewer clicks and easier processes on which everyone in the office can be trained. When printing, Smart Print AI will track surgical holes and ensure that important areas in the product are kept free from supports. The number of posts needed has been reduced, and they are easier to remove from the finished product.

The newly released Pro95 S and Pro55 S 3D printers are able to handle many workflows in less than an hour, mainly owing to faster post-processing with the ProCure 2 post-curing system. ProCure 2 needs just a few minutes to complete the post-curing process and ensures the best mechanical properties by using both light and heat.

The unique wishbone design of ProCure 2’s curing engine scans the entire chamber to ensure even curing, and each part receives heat locally generated through concentrated 385 nm light, further reducing polymerisation times. Having instant heating, the Light Motion Drive provides 25 times more power than ProCure 1 and can reduce a 3D-printing workflow by up to an hour. Products such as crowns that once took 20 minutes to polymerise now require less than 2 minutes.

The Pro S printer line ensures greater uniformity across the building platform thanks to upgraded optics featuring an all-glass construction and the latest in digital light processing technology. The speed offered by using the line with RayWare Cloud and faster post-curing systems is representative of SprintRay’s goal to deliver frictionless workflows. To further this mission, SprintRay also announced that, in addition to having made it possible to use partner resins in all SprintRay printers, the company now has SprintRay-branded EU-certified materials available for many applications.

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