Straumann Group to build its first manufacturing, education and innovation centre in China

By expanding its presence in China, Straumann will be catering for the rapidly growing demands of Chinese dentists and patients who are seeking dental solutions. (Image: Straumann)

By Straumann

Wed. 31. March 2021


SHANGHAI, China: The Straumann Group, a global leader in implant and aesthetic dentistry, has recently signed an investment agreement with the Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park (SHXIP) in order to establish its first campus in China. The campus will comprise a manufacturing, education and innovation centre, all situated on one site.

Funded by an investment of up to 1.2 billion Chinese yuan (€156 million) by 2029, the China campus will provide various educational programmes as well as products from the group’s implant and orthodontics portfolio for China and will cater for the rapidly growing demands of Chinese dentists and patients who are looking for dental solutions.

“China has become one of the leaders and front runners of dental treatment and innovation worldwide. We are excited about strengthening our presence to meet the fast-growing demand of dentists and patients for dental solutions in China,” said Guillaume Daniellot, chief executive officer at Straumann. “This investment demonstrates our commitment to our continued contribution to the health of the Chinese people,” he added.

It is estimated that China currently has over 700 million patients who need dental and oral care, but that only 5% of these visit dental clinics. The goal of significantly improving the Chinese public’s oral health literacy and behaviour is outlined in China’s Oral Health Action Plan (2019–2025). Meanwhile, despite the lack of reimbursement, orthodontics has become one of the most in-demand treatments, especially in urban and developed areas.

“Building the Straumann Group China campus not only demonstrates our commitment to bringing dental solutions to dentists and their patients in China; it also enables us to increase responsiveness and will support forthcoming product launches,” commented Dr Kevin Zhang, executive vice president and managing director at Neusoft Venture Capital. He added: “Our new China campus will be part of the SHXIP, a technology cluster in Shanghai which houses a lot of excellent innovation platforms, providing many opportunities for future collaboration with local partners helping to accelerate digitalisation.”

The first phase of the project is planned to be completed in autumn 2023. By 2029, the China campus is expected to generate more than 1,000 new job opportunities.

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