Dental News - Straumann Group and Modern Dental Group join forces to serve customers in Hong Kong and Macau

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Straumann Group and Modern Dental Group join forces to serve customers in Hong Kong and Macau

The Straumann Group and Modern Dental Group have created their own distribution company to serve dental communities in Hong Kong and Macau. (Photograph:


Tue. 17. September 2019


BASEL, Switzerland/HONG KONG, China: The Straumann Group, a global leader in implant and aesthetic dentistry, and Modern Dental Group, a leading global provider of dental prosthetic devices, have entered a joint venture to create Peak Dental Solutions Hong Kong. This distribution company will serve the dental communities in Hong Kong and Macau in China from the fourth quarter of this year. Straumann and Modern Dental Group will invest substantially in the joint venture and will own respective stakes of 40% and 60%. Financial details were not disclosed.

Straumann’s dental implant products have been available for many years in Hong Kong through its long-standing local distribution partner, Advance Dental Consulting, which has made an important contribution to the establishment of Straumann as a local market leader. However, further investment in the distribution channel is necessary in order to cater for the group’s rapidly expanding business portfolio and forthcoming launches. Straumann has therefore reached an agreement with Advance Dental Consulting that enables Peak Dental Solutions to take over the distribution of its products.

The Straumann Group’s portfolio of dental solutions has increased significantly in the past year alone, for example with the addition of its next-generation fully tapered implant, BLX, and its fully ceramic two-piece implant system. To offer further levels of affordability, the group has added Anthogyr to its implant portfolio alongside Neodent and MEDENTiKA, which are complemented by attractively priced implant options from T-Plus and Warantec.

One of the most exciting areas of expansion is the digital segment, where Straumann’s most recent additions include the TRIOS, CS 3600 and Virtuo Vivo intra-oral scanners, as well as Medit laboratory scanners, not forgetting its range of milling machines and 3D printers. Furthermore, the group is preparing to enter the Asian clear aligner market with ClearCorrect and Smyletec. Its goal is to make all of these solutions available to more customers in Hong Kong and Macau from a single service partner.

Peak Dental Solutions will have at its disposal the broadest range of replacement, restorative, corrective and digital dental solutions, and it will have access to the combined customer base of both companies, enabling it to capitalise on cross-selling opportunities. It will collaborate with Modern Dental Laboratory to develop and provide educational programmes via the Center of Dental Education in Hong Kong. Beyond this, customers will have access to the education and support networks of Straumann and the International Team for Implantology.

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