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The concept of immediacy in implant dentistry—why picking the right partner matters

Patients’ increasing demands for shorter treatment times, the growing evidence for predictable success1 and the positive effects on productivity and growth have made immediate treatment protocols a popular choice in implant dentistry.

Backed by its scientific approach and building on its legacy of innovation, Straumann now takes immediacy to the next level of reliability and efficiency.

With ImmediaXy, Straumann offers an ecosystem of solutions that are designed to enable dental professionals to confidently and efficiently provide their patients with immediate temporisationwhenever possible and clinically sensiblewhether in single tooth, multiple teeth or full-arch cases.2,3–7


Straumann BLX implants.

Immediacy in daily routine—choose the right tools

Straumann users begin their immediacy journey with dedicated education from highly skilled and experienced experts because the company believes that a profound knowledge about all important parameters and selection criteria is half the battle when it comes to immediate procedures.

They then experience Straumann ImmediaXy’s integrated ecosystem, which covers all stages of an immediate workflow for a frictionless experience: data acquisition, planning, design, surgery and restoration. It provides end-to-end solutions, which are designed to enable immediate treatments with predictable outcomes.5, 8, 9 Straumann ImmediaXy makes the benefits of digital dentistry accessibleeither in-house or outsourcedand is compatible with third-party solutions. It is a modular system that can be tailored to support every workflow.

The Straumann X-Family—confidence beyond immediacy at every level

When it comes to the choice of implant, Straumann BLX and TLX with dynamic bone management have been developed to make immediate protocols achievable, predictable and minimally invasive in all bone types. Straumann BLX and TLX feature the same endosteal design, which means the same drill set is shared for both systems. Thanks to the high mechanical strength properties offered by Straumann’s Roxolid alloy, the BLX and TLX lines allow for reduced invasiveness, and the Ø 3.75 mm is suitable for all tooth positions.7,10–12 BLX is the new generation of bone-level implants offering a simple yet versatile portfolio with under-contoured prosthetics for excellent soft-tissue management. With TLX, the proven benefits of tissue level are now available also for immediate workflows. Throughout Straumann’s wide portfolio of solutions for immediate treatment protocols, clinicians are genuinely empowered to treat a wide range of clinical indications, from the straightforward to the most challenging cases.


Straumann TLX implants system.

Immediate loading with long-lasting results

To round it all out, users can benefit from Straumann’s SLActive high performance surface with extensive healing potential. It stands for high predictability and accelerated osseointegration.13–23

The long-term clinical data from a randomised, controlled, multicentre study demonstrates the impressive performance of SLActive with immediate loading. The SLActive implants showed a ten-year survival rate of 98.2% in this challenging protocol.2

Additionally, recent studies show an outstanding clinical performance of SLActive implants even in very challenging treatment protocols and in patients with compromised health.24–26

In addition to the surface, the material can contribute to the implant’s clinical success too. In a recently published double-blind randomised controlled multicentre study, the Roxolid implants showed a ten-year survival rate of survival rate of 98.9% while titanium implants showed a survival rate of only 95.8% after the same period.27 In comparison with titanium, Roxolid leads to more efficient blood clot formation,28 a more favourable immune response,29 an enhanced osteogenic activity around implants30 and a superior quality of the bone–implant interface.31

Users can now push boundaries with confidence, since our end-to-end solutions are designed to enable immediate treatments with predictable outcomes.

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