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EvoDent: New dental 3D printers unveiled at DenTech

At DenTech, UnionTech displayed a number of dental 3D printers such as E128 and E230 at its booth. (Image: UnionTech)

Mon. 13. November 2023


SHANGHAI, China: UnionTech, a leader in additive manufacturing, showcased its advanced dental solutions, including the debut of the E128 and E230 3D printers under the EvoDent brand, at the 26th China International Dental Equipment Expo (DenTech). These printers introduce significant technological advancements to digital dentistry, offering customised and efficient solutions for dental professionals.

EvoDent: New dental 3D printers unveiled at DenTech

The E128 is a chairside 3D printer designed for clinics and small labs, while the E230, also designed for dental applications, features a remarkably high 8K resolution LCD. (Image: UnionTech)

The E128 is designed for chairside 3D printing, featuring a compact print format of 128 × 81 × 150 mm, ideal for small batch and customised dental models. It supports a one-key start digital printing process and open material application, enhancing treatment efficiency and personalisation for patients.

The E230, with its larger format of 219 × 124 × 190 mm, caters to a broad range of dental applications, suitable for both outpatient clinics and technicians. Its built-in heating system in the moulding chamber minimises external temperature dependence, further stabilising the printing process.

UnionTech’s participation at the event highlighted the transformative potential of 3D-printing technology in digital dentistry, demonstrating a range of applications from implant models to orthodontic models. The company’s commitment to innovation aims to bridge the gap between dental professionals and patients, fostering a new era of digital dentistry.

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