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Smilii becomes New Zealand’s first clear aligner company

December 5, 2019 | News

WELLINGTON, New Zealand: Up to now, clear aligner technology has been dominated by two American brands that offer their products at different prices and in different qualities. Smilii, the first New Zealand brand of clear aligners, will soon be selling similar technology at an affordable price and providing quality treatment to its clients to make tooth straightening procedures more available to New Zealanders.

Weave launches payment platform for dental practices

December 4, 2019 | Americas | News

NEW YORK, U.S.: Weave, a Utah-based startup company and one of the fastest-growing companies in technology, has taken the opportunity at the 2019 Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) to publicly debut Weave Payments, a full-scale payment processing platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform joins the company’s telephone-based practice management software, which is designed to help service-based businesses like dental and medical practices grow and retain patients by managing the whole scope of patient communications.

The integration of CAD/CAM into dental school curricula

December 4, 2019 | Americas | Business

LEIPZIG, Germany: By this point, the benefits of employing CAD/CAM technologies in the dental practice and laboratory have been well documented. CAD/CAM was developed for commercial use in the 1980s at the University of Zurich in Switzerland by Prof. Werner H. Mörmann and Dr Marco Brandestini, and its usefulness for creating dental restorations and orthodontic appliances has grown in the decades since, as has its reputation. FDI World Dental Federation, the principal representative body for more than one million dentists worldwide, went so far as to issue a policy statement in 2017 declaring that it supports “the research and development of CAD/CAM dentistry to improve the quality of the final product and allow for cost reduction”.

Perio Workshop 2019 develops new guidelines for treating periodontitis

December 4, 2019 | Europe | Events

BRUSSELS, Belgium: A major step forward for an evidence-based, more effective approach to the treatment of Stage I, II and III periodontitis has been the outcome of Perio Workshop 2019. The scientific meeting was organised by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and was attended by more than 90 leading periodontists, dental experts and specialists in guideline development from around the world.

Harvard School of Dental Medicine emphasizes importance of saving natural teeth

December 4, 2019 | Americas | News

BOSTON, U.S.: Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) has recently collaborated with the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine and Tufts University School of Dental Medicine to highlight the importance of saving teeth. Together, the dental schools provided more than 50 endodontic treatments on Teeth Worth Saving Day to patients in need in the Boston area.

Constant learning is good for you—in the practice and outside work

December 3, 2019 | Europe | Advertorial

We live in a rapidly changing world where continuing education is more important than ever—not only to keep you abreast of new developments and to ensure that your patients get the best possible care but also to help you grow as a human being.

Interview: “The new interface makes the learning curve shorter”

December 3, 2019 | Americas | Advertorial | Interviews

At this year’s Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM), the U.S.-based company 3DISC has launched the latest version of the Heron IOS, its solution for intraoral scanning. At the event, Dental Tribune International spoke with Thomas Weldingh, 3DISC Deputy Group CEO, about the benefits the Heron IOS provides for the entire dental team.

Cost-savings for dental tourists in Hungary are increasing

December 3, 2019 | Europe | Business | News

BUDAPEST, Hungary: For thousands of Europeans, the cost of dental treatment in their home countries is enough to send them packing. Hungary is a major destination for those seeking dental treatment abroad, and recent figures show that the average patient who travels to the country for treatment receives it for €7,240 less than he or she would have at home, even after subtracting the cost of travel and accommodation.

New biodegradable rods may deliver better antibiotic treatment for periodontitis patients

December 2, 2019 | Europe | News

HALLE (SAALE), Germany: As has been well established, the prevalence of periodontal disease globally remains quite high despite increased awareness of the importance of oral health. Though there are numerous treatment modalities available, each comes with its own drawbacks. A team of researchers has sought to change this, however, by developing flexible, biodegradable rods that can accurately deliver antibiotics to the diseased portions of the periodontium.

ICD honors new fellows from Dominican Republic and Haiti

December 2, 2019 | Americas | News

NEW YORK, U.S.: For the first time in its history, the International College of Dentists (ICD) has inducted a group of fellows from the Dominican Republic. This took place in a groundbreaking ceremony on Sunday, Dec. 1, during the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) in New York City. The college honored this first group of fellows in preparation for the international centennial induction ceremony taking place in Japan next year. The New York event was one of many celebrations happening around the world to mark 100 years of the ICD.

3Shape offers live demonstrations, expert consultations and happy hour at GNYDM

November 29, 2019 | Americas | Events

NEW YORK, U.S.: Visitors to the 3Shape booth at the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) on Dec. 1–4 will be able to see products close at hand and meet trainers through live product demonstrations, lectures, one-on-one appointments, a happy hour, and a live dentistry class.

Researchers link increased use of antibiotics to Parkinson’s disease

November 29, 2019 | Europe | News

HELSINKI, Finland: Antibiotic overprescribing continues to be a major concern in dentistry. In most cases, readily prescribing antibiotics to patients before a dental treatment does not ensure effective and appropriate dental care intervention. Additionally, it accelerates antibiotic resistance. A recent study has found that higher exposure to commonly used oral antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics and those that act against anaerobic bacteria and fungi, may also increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

Guided Biofilm Therapy to take centre stage in free webinar

November 29, 2019 | Europe | News

Using a mixture of documentation and clinical cases, Dr Gonçalo Assis will be discussing the implementation of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) during implant maintenance and clinical procedures used in order to maintain adequate peri-implant health. The free Swiss Dental Online Academy webinar will be held on Tuesday, 3 December.

Interview: “It feels like patient-centred care at its very best”

November 28, 2019 | Europe | Interviews

Faye Donald is a multi-award-winning dental hygienist who puts patients’ interest first. She became a certified Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) trainer in 2016 and has been a truly passionate Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) ambassador and has been educating dental professionals worldwide in preventive dental care ever since. Recently, Faye was one of over 30 experts who gave lectures in the world’s first 24-hour preventive dentistry webinar. In this interview, she tells Dental Tribune International why GBT changed her way of working completely and why dental professionals need to keep pace with the latest developments in prevention.

Dentsply Sirona highlights women’s dentistry with awards ceremony

November 28, 2019 | Europe | Advertorial

HEIDELBERG, Germany: Dentsply Sirona has honoured the innovative work of female dentists from all over the world at its inaugural Smart Integration Award ceremony, held recently in Heidelberg. The 24 prizewinners impressed the jury with creative ideas and interesting success stories on a range of topics, among them voice control for future treatment centres, therapy plans for better patient communication and intra-oral cameras with artificial intelligence.

Interview: “Social sciences need to be taught to dental students”

November 27, 2019 | Europe | Interviews

As a senior lecturer in social science at the University of Bristol’s dental school, Dr Andrea Waylen understands the importance of the behavioural and social sciences for developing well-rounded dentists with an ability to communicate effectively. Dental Tribune International recently spoke with her about an article she wrote for the British Dental Journal on this topic as well as about some of the shortcomings of current pedagogical approaches.

Straumann launches youTooth—the place to be in dentistry

November 27, 2019 | Europe | Advertorial

BASEL, Switzerland: Straumann has launched youTooth, an online community channel that “brings dental professionals together”. The platform offers valuable content straight to the mobile phones of dentistry professionals. It merges industry insights and educational multimedia content into an innovative online community portal.

First 24-hour dental webinar hits 15,000 registrations

November 27, 2019 | Europe | News

NYON, Switzerland: Yesterday, the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) announced on its Facebook page that over 15,000 registrations had been counted for its international 24-hour webinar in preventive dentistry, which was the first of its kind. The SDA thanked all participants and attendees of the webinar series, which was broadcast live on 23 and 24 November.

Study finds regular consumption of stimulants affects saliva

November 26, 2019 | Europe | News

VALENCIA, Spain: Studies on the effects that alcohol, tobacco and caffeine have on the biological and microbiological status of the oral cavity have shown that long-term consumption can alter the natural status. In the first pilot study of its kind, researchers have investigated whether alterations to the levels of cytokines occur in the saliva of patients who are frequent consumers of the three stimulating substances.

Curious about clear aligners? Free webinar to discuss the basics

November 26, 2019 | Europe | News

Since 2017, more than 27 clear aligner products have come on the market. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start. A specialist in orthodontics, webinar host Sander van der Linden will be discussing ClearCorrect from Straumann. Focusing on areas such as case selection and how to avoid malocclusion, the free Straumann Group webinar will be held on Tuesday, 3 December.

JDR highlights importance of behavioral sciences in dentistry

November 26, 2019 | Americas | News

ALEXANDRIA, Va., U.S.: This year marks the centennial of the Journal of Dental Research (JDR), a peer-reviewed medical journal that disseminates new knowledge and information on various sciences relevant to dentistry. To celebrate, the JDR is featuring a yearlong commemorative article and podcast series that highlights topics that have been instrumental in helping transform dental, oral and craniofacial research over the past 100 years.

Waterlase laser allows dentists to remove crowns and veneers in 5 minutes or less

November 26, 2019 | Americas | Advertorial

IRVINE, Calif., U.S.: BIOLASE, a global leader in dental lasers, is proud to announce that its Waterlase dental laser system has received U.S. and Canada regulatory clearance for crown and veneer removal. This new indication allows dentists to remove crowns and veneers in less than 5 minutes using laser technology. BIOLASE is the only dental laser company with this clearance.

Fifth MIS Global Conference promises 360° of implant dentistry

November 26, 2019 | Middle East & Africa | Events

MARRAKECH, Morocco: MIS Implants Technologies, an Israeli dental implant manufacturer, invites dental professionals to its fifth global conference to enjoy an excellent scientific programme and to discover the rich culture of Marrakech. Under the theme “360° IMPLANTOLOGY”, MIS will take participants on a captivating journey of science, aesthetics and technology from 14 to 17 May 2020 at the Palais des Congrès.

Study finds chewing gum could help fight dental caries

November 25, 2019 | Europe | News

LONDON, UK: Though the relative benefits of chewing gum are often subject to debate, a number of studies have shown that the sugar-free varieties can promote oral health. On this topic, a recent review has found some evidence that chewing sugar-free gum could help to reduce the further development of dental caries in both adults and children.

Recent proposal revamps Australian oral healthcare system

November 25, 2019 | Asia Pacific | News

MELBOURNE, Australia: Australia is facing several challenges when it comes to oral health. Access and education are among some of the most significant issues, not to mention cost, and a more modern health system might be the way forward. In an interview with Dental Tribune International, Grattan Institute Health Program Director Dr Stephen Duckett spoke about a recent proposal his team developed for a universal dental care scheme for Australia.

Research institutions establish dental informatics program to improve oral health

November 25, 2019 | Americas | News

INDIANAPOLIS, U.S.: With the goal of improving oral health for better overall physical and emotional health, Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD), both in Indianapolis, are joining together to create a novel dental informatics program. This new program is one of only a few in the U.S. and is perhaps the only dental informatics program in the country linked to a clinical data repository managed by a regional health information exchange.

Interview: “The vast majority of dental professionals are still using abrasive polishing pastes”

November 22, 2019 | Europe | Education | Events | Interviews | News

The upcoming 24-hour webinar organised by EMS and the Swiss Dental Academy is a first in dental continuing education (CE). One of the speakers is Karen Davis, who, in addition to running her own CE company, works as a dental hygienist in Dallas in the US. Dental Tribune International talked to her about the advantages of erythritol, a minimally abrasive air polishing powder, and its edge over other powders, such as glycine, for supra- and subgingival air polishing.

Interview: “I cannot see any drawback to erythritol if used properly”

November 22, 2019 | Europe | Education | Events | Interviews | News

Although air polishing with erythritol has been established as a standard mode of minimally abrasive root surface debridement, many dentists are unaware of its clinical benefits. Ahead of the world’s first 24-hour dental webinar, Dental Tribune International spoke with periodontist and researcher Dr Gregor Petersilka, who will be talking about erythritol’s safety and convenience in practice during the webinar.

Coca-Cola criticised by NZDA for culturally appropriating Maori language in new marketing ploy

November 22, 2019 | Asia Pacific | News

AUCKLAND, New Zealand: New Zealand has an oral health problem. Expense is one of the main factors that prevent people from visiting the dentist, and this results, in some instances, in oral health conditions similar to those of developing countries. However, sugar is another major issue, and in a recent statement, the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA), Te Ao Mārama (the New Zealand Maori Dental Association) and Hāpai te Hauora (Maori Public Health) have criticised the use of the Maori language on Coca-Cola products.

Oral biofilm: A concern for all dental professionals

November 22, 2019 | Europe | Education

The oral microbiome is an incredibly complex bacterial community. In total, it harbours over 700 bacterial taxa.[i] The oral microbiome with its various microorganisms exists in the form of a biofilm, that is, microbial structures readily forming on all hard- and non-shedding surfaces in a fluid system. For this reason, the oral cavity with its many surfaces, including the hard tissue of teeth, hard substance of implants and crowns, and soft tissue of the oral mucosa and the tongue, represents the ideal ground for microbes to colonise and biofilm to develop.

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