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Curasept—first because we care


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Curasept ADS is the only chlorhexidine line with an anti-discoloration system that does justice to the natural whiteness of teeth—without sodium lauryl sulphate and alcohol. (Image: Stockbusters/Shutterstock)

By Curasept

Mon. 6. December 2021


SARONNO, Italy: Curasept is a well-known oral care brand thanks largely to its patented chlorhexidine anti-discoloration System (ADS) line, which is much appreciated by dental professionals. In contrast, little is known about the company behind this innovation and its other product lines.

The company was founded in 2001 in Italy. High-quality science, perseverance, detailed analysis and attention to the needs of its customers have been the cornerstones of its development and achievements over the past 20 years. The development of the Curasept ADS line, which has achieved a market share of 63% in Italy, is a telling example of this.

Curasept ADS—tailored solutions for any clinical need

Chlorhexidine is still considered to be the most effective oral antiseptic. It is even defined as the gold standard in this field. However, the consequent development of dental discoloration is certainly the best-known adverse side effect of chlorhexidine and can lead to reduced patient compliance.

The patented ADS system is able to interfere with the two main reactions that are responsible for staining: the Maillard reaction and the protein denaturation process. Moreover, the Curasept ADS line, thanks to the absence of alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate, helps prevent the risk of developing side effects related to the prolonged use of alcohol-based mouthwashes, increasing patient compliance.

The efficacy of Curasept ADS has been confirmed by numerous in vitro and in vivo studies. For example, a study with 47 patients and a study with 70 patients showed that gingival inflammation can be controlled more effectively by constant use of Curasept ADS. In addition, a systematic review and meta-analysis on the efficacy of chlorhexidine mouthwash with and without an ADS, presented at the EuroPerio9 congress held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 2018, concluded, “The addition of ADS to [a chlorhexidine mouthwash] generally reduces tooth surface discoloration and does not appear to affect its properties with respect to gingival inflammation and plaque scores. The recommendation emerging from this review is that with respect to plaque and gingivitis reduction [a chlorhexidine mouthwash plus ADS] should be considered in order to avoid tooth surface discoloration.”

Curasept Proxi—beyond the interdental brush

Curasept believes in the synergy between different oral hygiene tools. This is the reason why the company launched a new mechanical cleaning line called Curasept Proxi, a patented innovative interdental brush range that meets very high quality and safety standards, in January 2019.

It is the result of years of research and was developed entirely in Italy by a global industry-leading partner company. The quality of Curasept Proxi interdental brushes is ensured by conformity with the requirements, test methods and specifications of the ISO reference standard (ISO 16409:2016). Curasept Proxi interdental brushes underwent numerous laboratory tests prior to certification. The safe-stop system, which makes these interdental brushes so unique, avoids injury to the gingiva and ensures better stability of the wire core so that the user has better control of the interdental brush.

In addition to these two product lines, other important innovations have been developed in the area of oral health. Particularly noteworthy is the Curasept Biosmalto product line, a new formula that supports the regeneration and protection of tooth enamel.

Curasept is already planning further major innovations and new additions to the product range.

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