Integrate 2022 sets new milestone for dental events

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Integrate 2022 sets new milestone for dental events


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From left: Dr Robert Gottlander, CEO and president of Neoss, and Dr Christer Dahlin, scientific chairman of Integrate 2022. The programme was presented on a 4K wall and floor screen. (Image: Neoss)
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Mon. 18. July 2022


GOTHENBURG, Sweden: In June, over 600 dental professionals attended Integrate 2022 in Gothenburg. Themed “Integrate. Educate. Celebrate.”, the three-day event brought together the dental community to learn, network and celebrate the achievements of implant dentistry in the last 20 years, offering integrated education and engagement through presentations by 40 speakers on a 4K wall and floor screen—a first for the dental industry!

“I am overwhelmed with the positive feedback we have received from the participants and our speakers alike,” commented Dr Robert Gottlander, CEO and president of Neoss. He was very pleased that Neoss had succeeded in advancing dental events by employing modern technology that had never been used before in the industry, he said. “The future is bright for Neoss,” he added.

To commemorate the insertion of the first Neoss implant 20 years ago, the very first patient was invited on stage. In addition, the latest ten-year data on the Neoss implants was presented, along with a significant amount of positive clinical research.

“Wow! This has been three amazing days of education and celebration. I think all speakers did an outstanding job and that has also shown in the extremely positive response that we have received,” commented scientific chairman of the congress Dr Christer Dahlin, adjunct professor at the Department of Biomaterials at the University of Gothenburg.

At the meeting, Neoss launched multiple new products. The most notable was its new intra-oral scanner, the NeoScan 1000—an easy-to-use, fast, lightweight scanner that fits perfectly into any practice’s digital workflow. In addition, Neoss presented a new surgical tray, new surgical tools and SLM implant bridges.

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