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Milestone Scientific to launch new online academy with webinar on enhanced patient experience

The first live webinar from the new Milestone Scientific Academy will inform dentists about enhancing the patient experience through the use of advanced technology. (Image: guteksk7/Shutterstock; DTI)

Fri. 22. April 2022


LIVINGSTON, N.J., US: Even as the pandemic abates, continuing education (CE) in dentistry will remain virtual, and this fact has not been lost on Milestone Scientific. The New Jersey-based manufacturer of the STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System instrument is celebrating the launch of its Milestone Scientific Academy in April with an inaugural, free-of-charge webinar that will offer dental professionals an expert introduction to non-invasive anaesthetic techniques, including single-tooth anaesthesia.

The inaugural webinar, titled “Enhance your patient’s experience with advanced technology”, will be hosted by Dr Robert Bagoff and will take place on Thursday, 28 April, at 12:00 EDT. Dr Bagoff will review injection techniques in the dental clinic and focus on how using the latest technology can increase patient satisfaction and thereby also boost patient volumes and loyalty. The live webinar is free to attend, and participants will have the opportunity to earn CE credits by completing a quiz at the end of the webinar.

As the first live speaker of the new academy, Dr Bagoff exemplifies Milestone Scientific’s aim for its new online educational platform to explore the intersection of dental research, technology, training and daily clinical practice. A 1984 graduate of the Fairleigh Dickinson University College of Dentistry, Dr Bagoff completed a general practice residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1985. He now teaches at the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, where he is co-director of the Department of Dentistry. He has a private dental practice located in West Orange in New Jersey, where he provides general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatment.

A number of webinars are already available on demand on the new academy’s website, including the webinar “Different is better”, in which Dr Cynthia Brattesani explains how technology in anaesthesia can increase a dental clinic’s profitability, and the webinar “Utilize technology to reinvigorate your patients”, in which Dr Sam Low introduces participants to four steps that can increase patient return and case acceptance.

Milestone Scientific is a well-known player in the field of pain-free anaesthesia and offers a single product in the dental field: the STA system instrument. The instrument replaces a syringe for administering anaesthesia, thereby enabling dental clinics to promote themselves as syringe-free. Dental Tribune International spoke with Dale Johnson, director of international business at Milestone Scientific, at the International Dental Show in Cologne in Germany last year, and he said that injections given by the STA system are pain-free owing to its computer-controlled flow of anaesthetic being below the patient’s pain threshold. “When the patient has that experience, he or she is going to go out and tell his or her friends and family members about it,” Johnson commented.

He continued: “Dentists can perform single-tooth anaesthesia which numbs the tooth completely so that they can perform an extraction, root canal therapy or a filling without numbness in the face, lips or tongue. Patients can go about their day after treatment, and this improves the patient experience.”

Other advantages offered by the STA system include increased safety, allowing the dentist to avoid accidental needle-stick injuries, and the immediate effect of single-tooth anaesthesia, which helps dental teams to reduce the use of personal protective equipment.

Visit the Milestone Scientific Academy website to register for the forthcoming free webinar by Dr Bagoff and to stay informed about the academy’s educational programme that is dedicated to the latest dental technologies and how they can improve treatment outcomes and increase patient comfort in the dental chair.

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