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Straumann launches youTooth—the place to be in dentistry

Straumann has recently launched youTooth, an online platform that offers dental professionals easily accessible content on restorative, preventive and aesthetic dentistry. (Image: Straumann)


Wed. 27. November 2019


BASEL, Switzerland: Straumann has launched youTooth, an online community channel that “brings dental professionals together”. The platform offers valuable content straight to the mobile phones of dentistry professionals. It merges industry insights and educational multimedia content into an innovative online community portal.

Modern dentistry is evolving constantly and at a fast pace. This is why Straumann is enhancing mutual communication by continuously providing dental professionals with the information they need to keep up to date in the world of high-end solutions in restorative, preventive and aesthetic dentistry. The new community portal features actionable content in the form of industry insights, clinical case studies, scientific evidence, as well as video-based tutorials and other educational multimedia materials. It is further boosted through extensive collaboration with key opinion leaders in dentistry. YouTooth goes far beyond offering Straumann product content alone. Rather, it presents dental professionals with solutions to the challenges that they are facing today, whether in terms of aesthetics, health, preservation, business or beyond.

Industry-leading clinical, educational and scientific content on any device

YouTooth is intended to become the “place to be in dentistry”, where key opinion leaders tell the story of modern dentistry by discussing trends and challenges, but also exchange clinical, scientific and technical expertise with their fellows in the worldwide community of dental professionals.

“Virtually every dental professional worldwide has a smartphone at hand which is actively used as a tool for instant information and education,” stressed Dominik Schneider, Head of Digital and Content Marketing at the Straumann Group. “With youTooth, we want to make highly relevant content accessible as easy and ‘snackable’ as possible—at any time, in every format and in every size,” he added.

Capturing megatrends in modern dentistry

Some of the topics that will be addressed will relate to innovative dental treatment options in order to stand out from the competition. These can include strategies to achieve excellence in immediacy, edentulous solutions for unique treatment, preventive dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, enablement and education, and patient comfort. Other subjects relate to strategies to increase patient acceptance and treating physically compromised patients.

Straumann is a trusted source for clinical, educational and scientific content, and this new online platform will only serve to further enhance this reputation.

More information can be found at Dental professionals interested in youTooth may subscribe at

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