Dental News - Oral Reconstruction Foundation inaugurates new board of trustees and new executive director

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Oral Reconstruction Foundation inaugurates new board of trustees and new executive director

From left: Dr Martin Schuler, who has held various management positions at Straumann in the past; Prof. Irena Sailer, head of the Division of Fixed Prosthodontics and Biomaterials at the University of Geneva in Switzerland; Prof. Mariano Sanz who has published more than 350 scientific articles and book chapters about periodontics, implant dentistry and dental education; and Dr Luca Cordaro who is head of the Department of Periodontology and Prosthodontics at the Eastman Dental Hospital in Rome in Italy. (Image: Oral Reconstruction Foundation)
Oral Reconstruction Foundation

Oral Reconstruction Foundation

Mon. 21. February 2022


BASEL, Switzerland: The Oral Reconstruction (OR) Foundation has announced that Prof. Mariano Sanz from Spain, Dr Luca Cordaro from Italy and Prof. Irena Sailer from Switzerland were elected to its board of trustees during a board meeting in Rome on 29 November 2021. Prof. Sanz was also officially inaugurated as president of the foundation.

In addition, Dr Martin Schuler, who has a strong background in the field of medical devices and dental implants, was appointed executive director of the foundation, taking over responsibilities from Dr Alex Schär, who is retiring after 16 years as board member and five years as the foundation’s CEO. Dr Schuler assumed full responsibility for the foundation on 1 January 2022. Dr Schär will support the transition of projects until the end of March 2022.

Overall, the new board members are part of a strong global network and possess an internationally renowned reputation. “We are very privileged to have Mariano, Luca and Irena as a strong and highly professional expert team taking up the leadership of the OR Foundation, and I feel personally honoured to be able to work so closely with them to shape the future of our organisation and bring it to the next level,” said Dr Schuler. He continued: “I would also like to thank the previous board members, past president Prof. Robert Sader, Prof. Fernando Guerra, Prof. Thomas Taylor, Oscar Battegay and my predecessor Dr Schär for their hard work and dedication to establish the OR Foundation as a globally recognised and independent institution―this is a big achievement.”

“We thank Alex Schär for his unparalleled enthusiasm and dedication in building up the OR Foundation. Alex ‘lives and breathes’ dental implants and his extensive network with key opinion leaders worldwide is second to none. We are very happy that his vast knowledge and expertise will continue to be at our disposal during the transition period and beyond, as we aim to continue the collaboration with Alex on specific projects,” said Prof. Sanz, acknowledging Dr Schär’s longstanding dedication and contribution to the development of implant dentistry.

During his presidency, Prof. Sanz intends to focus on supporting young and upcoming scholars and on fostering clinical research and efficient treatment approaches for the benefit of the patient. Many educational events are scheduled for 2022, including symposia in France, Germany, Japan, Spain and the US, and the foundation will offer an excellent platform for the exchange of expertise between universities and dental practitioners worldwide throughout the year.

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