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Osteology Foundation appoints new executive director

Having led the Osteology Foundation ad interim since January, Dr Kristian Tersar officially took over the position in June, the organisation has announced. (Photograph: Osteology Foundation)

Fri. 7. July 2017


LUCERNE, Switzerland: Dr Kristian Tersar has been appointed Executive Director of the Osteology Foundation. Tersar, who has already served ad interim in this function since former director Kay Horsch left the foundation in January, has now officially taken over the position.

Acting strategically and proactively, he predominantly aims to grow the foundation globally and focus on developing its educational activities, he said. “My motivation is to offer the Foundation Board an optimum platform for the leadership and continued development of the foundation in all of its fields of activity—research funding, global continuing education and development of educational contents and tools,” the new executive director pointed out.

Tersar holds a diploma in neurobiology from the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt am Main in Germany and received his PhD from ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Since 2008, he has worked as Scientific and Education Project Manager for the Osteology Foundation.

“We believe that with Kristian Tersar, we have found the perfect person for this position. He has the right mindset, plenty of experience, and is very well connected with researchers and clinicians in the field of oral tissue regeneration,” Osteology Foundation President Prof. Mariano Sanz said.

Together with Tersar, the organisation said it is looking forward to pursuing its vision to advance research and education by linking all people working in oral regeneration and to provide better treatment for the benefit of all patients worldwide, Sanz added.

Founded in 2003, the Osteology Foundation focuses on the funding of research projects and the organisation of national and international symposia. Through its online platform THE BOX, the foundation further provides tools and information in the field of tissue regeneration and aims to foster networking between practitioners and scientists on a global scale.

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