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Produits Dentaires launches new IrriFlex website

By Produits Dentaires
October 27, 2020

VEVEY, Switzerland: Produits Dentaires (PD), a leading Swiss manufacturer specialising in safe and efficient solutions for dental therapy, has launched a completely redesigned website for IrriFlex, its innovative flexible root canal irrigation needle.

The new website has been launched in order to strengthen the brand’s online presence and to offer up-to-date information on IrriFlex to current and potential customers, while improving the user’s experience.

Versatile and accessible

Since the launch of IrriFlex in 2019, PD has experienced growing demand for its new product. This demand has served as an important impetus for the company to move forward with the relaunch of the website in order to provide current and potential clients access to extensive information on IrriFlex.

The new website makes clinical publications available as well as testimonials and case studies about IrriFlex shared by the industry’s opinion leaders. The website is versatile and accessible, enabling users to find all the information they need, including the regularly updated distributors’ list and prices, together with the most recent clinical publications in five languages.

Find your IrriFlex supplier

Owing to the rapid growth of IrriFlex and increasing demand for the product, PD realised the need for a tool that would allow dentists to find their local IrriFlex suppliers easily. Now, this information can be found in the buy section of the new website. The database is updated regularly to offer users the possibility of ordering their irrigation needles quickly.

From October, PD is offering European users free-of-charge IrriFlex samples for testing in their dental practices. These samples can be requested here. The offer is limited in time and subject to sample availability.

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