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Smile Masters kick off season two at AEEDC Dubai

Drs Mohammed Naji, Majd Naji and Deema Basim (from left to right) at AEEDC 2018 in Dubai. (Photograph: Monique Mehler, DTI)

Thu. 8. February 2018


DUBAI, UAE: The first season of a new medical YouTube reality show called Smile Masters has gone viral in the Middle East. Revolving around celebrity dentist Dr Majd Naji, his wife, Dr Deema Basim, and his younger brother, Dr Mohammed Naji, the show focuses on their professional and personal lives while they work in their family practice in Dubai. Dental Tribune Online met with the three main stars of the show, who started shooting season two at this year’s AEEDC Dubai, to talk about future plans for Smile Masters and to find out what the buzz is all about.

Dental Tribune Online: Dr Naji, what inspired Smile Masters?
Dr Majd Naji:
One of the production companies in Dubai introduced themselves to us and suggested that we start our own online show. It is the first medical reality programme in the Middle East. Since we started promoting medical tourism in Dubai, the city has become a popular destination for people from outside the country. Also, the Dubai Health Authority supports our programme, allowing us to air both locally and internationally difficult dental cases that we treat at our practice, Liberty Dental Clinic.

What is the overall message of your show?
Dr Majd Naji: We have three messages. The first one is that even though the whole family works together, it is not boring like people may think it is. We enjoy working at the same practice. Secondly, we want our audience to know that no case is impossible and that we can solve the problem whatever it might be. Everybody in the world has the right to smile, so we want to encourage people to take care of their smiles and spread happiness. The third message is that Dubai is a medical tourism destination for the world.

What are your goals for the show in the future?
Dr Majd Naji: Today [7 February 2018], we started shooting the second season at AEEDC Dubai, and it will be available online soon. We are now negotiating with TV channels to appear on TV too and not only on YouTube.

With almost five million followers across all your social media channels combined, what is your advice to fellow dentists?
Dr Majd Naji:
In Smile Masters, dental professionals can learn from us. We show them the latest technology in dentistry from the Cefla group, ranging from radiographic devices to treatment units. We also encourage them to specialise in different fields. Our clinic employs 24 dentists and up to four or five of them work in different specialty teams. There is no general dentistry any more.

Outside of Smile Masters, what is a normal day at the practice like?
Dr Majd Naji:
Actually, we are a very normal family. Every morning, we drop our children off at school and then go to the clinic. In the afternoon, my wife goes back home and I stay until the evening. My brother has a bit of a different life, since he is still young and has more time for activities.

Dr Mohammed Naji: My brother founded the clinic about 20 years ago and developed it together with his wife after they were married. To attract an international audience, Smile Masters has English subtitles. I’ve noticed that the show has a big fan base in European countries, especially in Italy, Spain and the UK, because a great number of dental companies are based there.

The show is not just shot in Dubai but also in London, Germany, Palestine, Jordan and many more locations, and features a celebrity guest (social media influencers from the Middle East, for example) in every other episode.


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