Dental News - SprintRay’s latest 3D resin drives down the cost of a crown to just US$2

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SprintRay’s latest 3D resin drives down the cost of a crown to just US$2

SprintRay and BEGO have teamed up to launch SprintRay Crown, a new resin that can be used to 3D-print a definitive crown for less than US$2. (Image: SprintRay)


Thu. 9. June 2022


LOS ANGELES, US: Accessibility is a primary driver in the latest collaboration between SprintRay and BEGO. The ceramic-filled hybrid material that is SprintRay Crown by BEGO is set to revolutionise digital dentistry as one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Additionally suitable for inlays, onlays and veneers, the new resin drops print time to less than an hour.

Dental Tribune International previously reported on BEGO’s success in developing an affordable resin enabling the printing of a definitive crown at a material cost of US$2.00 (€1.88), allowing patients to go home with permanent restorations after just one session.

Thomas Kwiedor, BEGO’s head of business development for 3D printing, remarked: “Dental 3D-printing solutions, especially for durable restorations, are becoming increasingly important. In addition to the excellent material properties and good aesthetics are the low material costs, the speed in production and the customisability of the dental objects. The expansion of the partnership with SprintRay and the introduction of SprintRay Crown will further accelerate this trend.”

The new SprintRay Crown by BEGO resin offers superior marginal integrity and a formula ensuring radiographic visibility and is both easy to handle and easy to polish.

Sumeet Jain, vice president of materials for SprintRay, said: “With this new material introduction, SprintRay continues to shape the future of the dental industry, widening the reach and scope of digital technology.”

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