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Towards a healthy mouth with [BE YOU.]

The enzymatic effect of [BE YOU.] supports the lactoperoxidase in the mouth, the antibacterial effect of which contributes to natural whitening and a balanced oral microbiome. (Image: Curaden)
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Dental Tribune International

Wed. 16. May 2018


Most of us know that proper brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride is the first step in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Despite this, biofilm‐related oral infections such as dental caries and periodontitis are still among the most prevalent health problems. Recently, interest has been growing around another factor that helps prevent these diseases: enzymes that occur naturally in saliva and perform an integral role in protecting and repairing the oral cavity. By using glucose oxidase for healthy oral flora, CURAPROX’s new [BE YOU.] toothpaste series helps maintain optimal oral balance.

Biofilm and the oral microbiome
In order to understand the health benefits of enzymes on our oral flora, it is important to understand biofilm-the benign layer of bacteria, fungi and protozoa attached to each other as well as to our teeth and oral mucosa. Ideally, the different bacteria that make up biofilm are in a state of balance called symbiosis. However, fermentable sugars, smoking, stress, physiological changes like pregnancy, or the frequent use of antibiotics and antimicrobials can create an imbalance in the oral microbiome where pathogenic bacteria predominate. Left untreated, this dysbiosis can lead to diseases such as caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.

The role of enzymes
A 2016 study by Pleszczyńska et al. published on the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology website explores the possibilities for enzymes to treat and prevent oral disease. Oxidative salivary enzymes were found to inhibit the growth of cariogenic oral pathogens. As such, [BE YOU.] contains glucose oxidase, a naturally occurring enzyme that inhibits dysbiosis by boosting salivary flow, and turns glucose into hydrogen peroxide, which gently whitens the teeth. “Hydrogen peroxide and the Potassium thiocyanate in the toothpaste support the lactoperoxidase naturally present in the mouth,” says Dr Christoph Fiolka, head of chemical product management at Curaden. “Lactoperoxidase then in turn forms a potent natural antibacterial system. As a result, [BE YOU.] softly whitens teeth, naturally prevents enamel staining, and contributes to a healthy, balanced oral microbiome.”

"Equally important is what the toothpaste does not contain,” says Fiolka. “[BE YOU.] contains no triclosan, microplastics or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)—a foaming agent contained in many toothpastes—to avoid any possible irritation to the oral mucosa.”

[BE YOU.] was developed by CURAPROX, the oral health brand of Curaden. Based in Lucerne in Switzerland, Curaden prioritises research, education and collaborating with industry professionals in developing its oral hygiene products. [BE YOU.] is available now in pharmacies and online.

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