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Prof. Dr. Shahram Ghanaati

Prof. Dr. Shahram Ghanaati

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University education

1995 – 1996 Studies in physics, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1997 – 2004 Studies in medicine, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany
2005 – 2009 Studies in dental medicine, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz,Germany

Clinical career

Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany

  • 02/2005 – 05/2005 Research fellow, Clinic of general and visceral surgery, University Hospital Mainz, Director emer. Prof. Dr. Th. Junginger
  • 06/2005 – 09/2015 Research fellow, Institute of pathology (part-time), Director emer. Prof. Dr. Dr. CJ Kirkpatrick

Clinic of Oral, Cranio-Maxillo-Facial and Facial Plastic Surgery, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Since 2007 Research Fellow (Director: Prof. Dr. R. Sader)
  • 10/2013 Board certification as specialist in oral and maxillo-facial surgery
  • 01/2010 – 09/2013 Medical coordinator of the head and neck tumor center of the University Center for Tumor Diseases
  • Since 2013 Head of the Head and Neck Tumor Center of the University Center for Tumor Diseases
  • Since 2013 Head of the onco-surgical and reconstructive focus of MKPG
  • 03/2016 Additional title “Plastic Surgeries”
  • 10/2013 – 03/2016 Managing senior physician
  • Since 04/2016 Chief physician and deputy clinic director
  • 11/2017 Approval as adjunct professor (APL professor) Prof. Dr. Shahram Ghanaati
  • 2018 EACMFS – The European Board of Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Exam

Scientific expert activity and reviews

Twenty one international magazines in the field of head and neck tumor oncology, biomaterial research, tissue engineering, oncology and oral and maxillo-facial surgery

Member of the Editorial Board

  • Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine
  • International Journal of Growth Factors and Stem Cells in Dentistry
  • Materials Physics and Chemistry


  • Manuscripts (first, co- and last author): 127 (peer review)
  • Impact points (original work + review) (as of September 2019): 305,05
  • Impact points (published abstracts) (as of September 2019): 58,31
  • Hirsch Index: 24