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Biolase – EPIC PRO


Epic Pro is Unlike Any Other Diode Laser.

Introducing the first advanced surgical diode laser in dentistry, offering more power and innovation than any other diode on the market. Epic Pro monitors and measures the temperature of the laser tip for predictable, consistent results with every use.

The Only Laser with Automatic Power Control

Automatic Power Control, an exclusive innovation from BIOLASE, enables the operator to lase with confidence and speed, without worrying about complicated settings.

Enhanced Clinical Applications

Epic Pro is the professional’s choice for managing soft tissue cases. With over 20 clinical presets, multiple treatment modes, and an advanced mode for expert users, Epic Pro provides unparalleled consistency and predictability. Unlike traditional diodes, Epic Pro moves quickly and with little snag-and-drag resistance.

Greater Precision and Comfort

Epic Pro brings more precision and comfort than traditional diodes due to innovations such as Super Thermal Pulse mode, which can pulse energy as quickly as ten-millionths of a second, resulting in efficient clinical cutting with less thermal damage than normal diode lasers.

Introducing Smart Tip Technology

Epic Pro uses new durable tip technology, available in uninitiated and pre-initiated formats depending on your clinical needs.  Epic Pro tips work hand in hand with the laser’s Smart Tip technology to prompt you when a fresh tip is needed.

With Epic Pro, 'You Have to See It to Believe It'

If you are a current diode laser or CO2 laser user, you absolutely must see Epic Pro cut tissue live and compare it to your current laser experience.  When current Epic Pro customers were first shown Epic Pro, the most commonly shared remark was, “You have to see it cut to understand how much faster it is.”