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3DISC releases HeronClinic 3.2 digital dentistry software

With the newest software release, 3DISC has further developed scanning accuracy. (Image: 3DISC)


Fri. 16. April 2021


HERNDON, Va., U.S.: This week, 3DISC announced the release of the newest version of HeronClinic, the case management and scanning software for the company’s flagship intraoral scanning solution, the Heron IOS. HeronClinic 3.2 introduces new features and major enhancements to the intuitive software, providing reliable and accurate results and improving the overall scanning experience for both dental professionals and patients.

“Reliability and accurate results are the cornerstones of a good intraoral scanning experience,” said Mathieu Aubailly, chief technology officer at 3DISC. “The enhanced data algorithms developed by our teams in the United States, France and South Korea, allow us to have the best of both worlds; a highly accurate scan which is simple to acquire.”

HeronClinic 3.2 features a high-resolution mode and allows for enhanced bite alignment for a more reliable bite acquisition. Moreover, more manufacturers and models have been added to the implant library.

“At 3DISC, we have moved rapidly to leverage the experience of our multidisciplinary R&D team. With this release, we have a product which brings the Heron to the forefront of the market in terms of reliability and ease of use for all clinicians,” said Marie-Laure Pochon, CEO and president of 3DISC Dental Connect.

HeronClinic 3.2 became available on April 15.

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