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ACTEON – Expasyl Exact


Expasyl Exact is effective and atraumatic gingival retraction paste delivered in cost effective, single use capsules that can fit in any composite application gun.

New single-patient capsule for effective and atraumatic sulcular opening.

Expasyl Exact, same formula than Expasyl, provides the same exact results, the exact amount you need in a cost effective, single-patient capsule that can be used in any composite gun.

EXPASYL EXACT provides pain free sulcular opening as well as no bleeding and reduction of gingival fluid. Whether the impression is taken digitally or with traditional methods, the emergence profile and cervical limit are captured completely. This means high quality digital images and impressions for creation of perfectly esthetic and adjusted crowns.

EXPASYL EXACT also delivers an outstanding astringent effect with drying effect on sulcus which is vital for clear digital impression procedures. Indeed, the paste EXPASYL is acclaimed by digital camera users (CAD/CAM) for its tangible results.