Free webinar to focus on periodontal charting

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Free webinar to focus on periodontal charting

In the free webinar, an expert will be discussing periodontal charting as a geographical map. (Photograph: DTI)

ZURICH, Switzerland: In an upcoming free webinar on Tuesday, 8 May, periodontal expert Dr Eric Thevissen will be discussing periodontal charting as a geographical map. The webinar will focus on the handling of particularities such as charting implants or root-amputated natural teeth. Thevissen will also be sharing tips and tricks that may help with the overall process.

According to Thevissen, periodontal charting functions as a geographical map, enabling practitioners to compare the actual situation with previous charts and illustrate the progress of periodontal disease as a consequence. Additionally, in experienced hands, a periodontal chart is helpful to estimate risk assessment and, when accompanied by a radiographic status and clinical slides of the mouth, for interdisciplinary treatment planning.

Having graduated from KU Leuven in Belgium in 1983 as a dentist and then three years later as a periodontist, Thevissen has been working in a private periodontal clinic since 1988 and in a multidisciplinary clinic since 2012. In 2006, he joined the department of periodontics and oral implantology at Ghent University in Belgium as a part-time staff member. He is a member of the Professional Committee of the Belgian Society of Periodontology and the health policy committee of the Verbond Der Vlaamse Tandartsen [Flemish dental association].

The 1-hour webinar, titled “The link between Egyptian architecture and modern periodontics”, will be broadcast live on Tuesday, 8 May, at 6 p.m.CEST. Attendance is free of charge after easy registration on the website. Participants will be able to ask questions via a chat window and have the opportunity to earn a continuing education credit by completing a multiple-choice questionnaire on the topic.

Dental professionals who are interested in attending the course may register online here.

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    Dear Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Alquraishi, Thank you for your interest in our webinars. Please visit our CE e-learning platform, DT Study Club, at Registration is free of charge. You will find a number of on-demand and live webinars about periodontology and variuos other topics online already.

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    Please send me webinars about periodontology

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