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Guided Biofilm Therapy shines at EuroPerio10

From left to right: Ruth Cristophel, brand marketing team group leader at EMS; Dr Ernst Wühr, general manager at EMS; and Celso Da Costa, head of the Swiss Dental Academy. (Image: EMS)

Fri. 17. June 2022


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: EMS is currently presenting its evidence-based Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) at EuroPerio10, focusing on modern oral prevention. To date, there are more than 7,000 GBT-certified dental practices worldwide.

The GBT protocol is part of a comprehensive preventive concept that aims not only to preserve patients’ oral health, but also to improve patient compli­ance and subsequent recall attendance. It is a modular, systematic, predictable and logical solution for oral biofilm management in proph­ylaxis that uses state-of-the-art technologies such as AIRFLOW PERIOFLOW with erythritol-based AIRFLOW PLUS powder and PIEZON NO PAIN PS. GBT involves eight steps, which can be modified depending on the clinical situation. The aim of this protocol is to be minimally invasive, pre­serve hard and soft tissue, and meet patient expectations.

At the EMS booth (#E.16), EuroPerio10 attendees can learn more about Guided Biofilm Therapy. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

An unprecedented global survey of 76,338 participants showed that 92% of patients were enthusiastic about GBT and would recommend it to family and friends.1 This trend has also been confirmed by further studies.2, 3 To date, EMS has received 107,029 GBT testimonials from satisfied patients from 42 countries across the globe.

EMS is presenting its latest innovation at EuroPerio, the PIEZON PI MAX instrument. Its thin design—as thin as a periodontal probe—provides the best access, up to 3 mm, to remove subgingival calculus during implant, crown and veneer maintenance.

The success of the GBT protocol is based on constant innovation and training. The Swiss Dental Academy strives to educate clinicians on prevention, the GBT protocol, the latest technologies and scientific evidence to secure quality of treatment and assure long-term oral health. This year, more than 4,000 in-person courses will be held. In addition, various free webinars will be hosted. “Today, we are using the Ferrari of prophylaxis and you need to know how to use it or else you will crash it,” said dental hygienist Celso Da Costa from Portugal, who is head of the academy and co-leader of the GBT Task Force at EMS.

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