Conducting piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling correctly

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Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling: How do you conduct it correctly?

In a free upcoming webinar, Andrew Terry will demonstrate how dental professionals can implement a piezoelectric scaler into their workflows with confidence. (Image: Andrew Terry)

Wed. 15. April 2020


With 22 years of experience as a dental therapist and hygienist, Andrew Terry is a lecturer at the University of Sydney’s School of Dentistry in Australia. In a free webinar on Thursday, 23 April, he will demonstrate how dentists can utilise PIEZON ultrasonic scaling tools to enhance their treatment techniques and protocols. In the lead-up to the presentation, Terry shared some details of the upcoming webinar with Dental Tribune International.

Mr Terry, what topics will you be covering in your presentation?
I’ll be going over a number of topics related to the correct use of piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers. I will explain the rationale behind piezoelectric use in scaling and debridement, helping webinar participants to understand the clinical benefits it brings. The characteristics of the piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler—including tip motion, cavitation, acoustic streaming and irrigation—will be covered, and I’ll discuss and explain what contra-indications for its use exist.

What can dental professionals gain from watching the webinar?
They can gain a number of things. When using a piezoelectric scaler, it’s important that operators know how to correctly position both themselves and the patient in an ergonomic fashion, in order to help avoid long-term repetitive strain injuries. This will be discussed in the webinar, as will the correct tip placement of an EMS PIEZON scaler for both supra- and subgingival use in a pain-free manner.

Editorial note: The 1-hour webinar, titled “Is there a right way and wrong way to use PIEZON ultrasonics?”, will be presented live on Thursday, 23 April, at 12 p.m. CEST. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about the topic, as well as earn a continuing education credit by answering a questionnaire after the lecture. Registration on the Swiss Dental Academy Online is free of charge.

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