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KATANA Zirconia YML allows more time for pleasant activities in the dental laboratory

KATANA Zirconia YML helps dental technicians to standardise, streamline and simplify their procedures. (Image: FS Stock/Shutterstock)

Wed. 21. June 2023


TOKYO, Japan: People make up to 30,000 decisions every day, and they often must do so very quickly, particularly in busy environments such as that of the dental laboratory. Now, choosing a suitable all-ceramic material is one less decision that dental technicians need to make, owing to the all-round qualities of KATANA Zirconia YML. Being reliable and safe, and having top colour fidelity, the new product is ideal for everyday laboratory use.

The new KATANA Zirconia YML is suitable for every indication and delivers uncompromising outcomes. It helps users to save valuable decision-making time, which can then be spent doing the really pleasant things in everyday laboratory work, such as perfect aesthetic finishing, planning or talking to the patient.

KATANA Zirconia YML is based on a new raw material technology derived from decades of zirconia experience. (Image: Kuraray Noritake Dental)

KATANA Zirconia YML and the path to perfection

Simply beautiful—the KATANA Zirconia story is epitomised by enthusiasm for all-ceramics and a passion for aesthetics. Dental technicians’ wishes were taken into account, as were the findings of research in science and materials technology. The state of the raw materials, the purity of the powders, and the homogeneity and density of the blanks result in material properties that are specifically matched. In conjunction with a meticulously designed in-house manufacturing process, the result is the dependable high material quality for which KATANA Zirconia is known and loved.

The success of KATANA Zirconia is based on one remarkable feature: it is made using Kuraray Noritake Dental’s unique patented raw material technology. The company is one of the few zirconia manufacturers with exclusive access to its own raw materials. On this basis, it has succeeded, time and again, in setting new pioneering trends in the market. The company was the first to launch multilayered zirconia, using its original multilayer technology. Now, with KATANA Zirconia YML, a new era in multilayered zirconia is beginning.

What makes KATANA Zirconia YML so special?

The answer is easy: predictable outcomes. Users benefit from reliable performance, accurate results and ease of use. Its high colour fidelity makes the KATANA Zirconia multilayered series particularly distinctive, as does the precision and perfection that zirconia provides. All the masterly competence of dental specialists in one disc! Dental technicians benefit from high cost-effectiveness, high productivity, assured colour fidelity and precision. These advantages provide for relaxed working.

New raw material technology

KATANA Zirconia YML is based on a new raw material technology derived from decades of zirconia experience. It is a combination of high translucency, flexural strength and a proven multilayered colour structure. The special structure results from a combination of new raw materials with different levels of yttrium oxide content. This makes KATANA Zirconia YML the ideal all-rounder with which work processes can be standardised, streamlined and simplified.

More simplicity, more assurance and greater flexibility in the dental laboratory

The high density and homogeneity of the material provides for excellent marginal quality and edge stability. Seamless multilayered technology produces a natural appearance with smooth colour and translucency gradients and no transition lines. Furthermore, highly aesthetic results are achieved with minimal effort. Thanks to the high colour stability, dental technicians achieve the desired aesthetics without laborious post-processing. The reliable predictability of the outcome makes work even more enjoyable.

The individual layers in the multilayered blank are optimally matched and shrink homogeneously in the final sintering process. The result is a high level of dependability and an optimum quality of results. The fact that KATANA Zirconia YML is made using patented raw materials means that every parameter can be fine-tuned. The variables are optimised down to the smallest detail for reliable application, allowing for highly accurate fitting in everyday laboratory work. Retrofitting and repeated fabrication do not even arise. And if dental technicians need to step up the pace, the harmonious material structure and high zirconia competence are prerequisites for optional high-speed sintering, which is an asset for every dental laboratory.

High flexural strength in the dentine area and high translucency in the enamel area allow KATANA Zirconia YML to cover every all-ceramic indication. The zirconia is suitable for producing long-span monolithic bridges, thin-walled crowns, cutback frameworks for micro-layering and even veneer restorations. Owing to this versatility, it is possible to replace other ceramic CAD/CAM materials in the laboratory. This makes inventory management so much easier!

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