Dental News - 2022 Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe was a tribute to implantology

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2022 Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe was a tribute to implantology

Dr David Chong kicks off the two day event with a enthusiasm during the inagural lecture, titled "Predictable treatment flow for esthetic zone utilizing digital guided dentistry: Past, present and future". (Image: Dental Tribune International)

ROME, Italy: Featuring state-of-the-art technology, intriguing presentations and captivating live surgery, the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe on 28 and 29 October was an overwhelming success, attracting over 700 participants from 33 countries from within and outside of Europe. With multilanguage offerings and case presentations by more than 20 world-class clinicians in addition, the scientific programme was both abundant and varied. A large collaboration with Osstem AIC Italy, the Italian section of Osstem’s Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education Center, meant the programme set a strong precedent for future community gatherings that will strengthen educational opportunities and highlight best practices for years to come.

“Osstem is the most used implant in the world,” announced Osstem Implant Chairman Dr Kyoo-Ok Choi during his welcome address. Dr Choi detailed the expansion of Osstem across Europe, noting its soon-to-launch offices in France and Spain and its 46 partners in 29 countries—and the number is growing.

During his lecture, titled “Predictable treatment flow for esthetic zone utilizing digital guided dentistry: Past, present and future”, Dr David Chong emphasised the balance of aesthetics with deciding factors for the best implant placement timeline based on both the patient’s aesthetic preferences and the dentist’s preferences. He demonstrated the dramatic effect on age and appearance in a case using an implant technique to build a better facial profile, thereby avoiding Botox.

When asked after his lecture why he chose to use Osstem Hiossen implant products, Dr Chong replied: “There were so many products offered by many different companies, but [Osstem Hiossen implants] were by far number one in Asia and the company was focused 100% on dental implant research and development, which really won my heart.”

During a round-table discussion, Dr Chong was joined by Dr Marco Tallarico, president of Osstem AIC Italy, and Dr Hyun-Jun Jung from South Korea to discuss some of the trickier cases they have been able to solve thanks to advances in implantology. In the discussion, titled “Upper jaw with terminal dentition: Different treatment options”, the three surgeons compared notes and shared unifying experiences in dealing with cases that demanded more nuanced treatment protocols.

The first full day of instruction at the event was complemented by a simultaneous oral competition in the categories of digital, prostheses and surgery. A poster competition was also held, awarding students a variety of prizes for their submission, including free entry to the next meeting in Europe, to be held in London in the UK.

The day concluded with an elegant gala dinner held at the Salone Delle Fontane, commemorating Osstem Europe’s ongoing partnership with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and their joint commitment to the #TogetherHasNoLimits campaign, which helps women and children displaced by war across the globe. Gala dinner guests were treated to beautiful Italian opera and an inspiring sand art show in which a story was portrayed of a grandfather who suffered with dental pain and was restored by Osstem implant to a fulfilled life with his grandchild.

The programme for the second day had a number of highlights too, one of which was a live surgery in an edentulous maxilla using guided surgery and immediate loading, performed by Dr Hyun-Jun Jung. His treatment protocol captivated attendees, and the session demonstrated just how quickly and effectively a patient can be treated using an Osstem surgical guide for best placement.

Another highlight of the second day was a special session by Dr Chiara Obino titled, “Trust and belonging: The success of the team”. Dr Obino outlined the power that can come from taking risks and learning trust through facing daunting tasks. Utilising her experience as a world record-holding free diver who faces dangerous odds, Dr Obino is an excellent example of transforming areas of weakness into those of strength and translating that into creating a better team within a dental practice through building harmony.

Osstem is already preparing symposiums for the coming years. Next year, the Osstem World Meeting will be held in Istanbul on 12 and 13 May. The next Osstem—Hiossen Meeting in Europe will take place in London in November 2024.

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