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KS system: Key solution for strong dental implants

According to Osstem Implant, the KS implant system has a solid structure, offers a convenient single platform allowing easy prosthetic loading and can reduce chair time. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Fri. 13. May 2022


PRAGUE, Czech Republic: Osstem Europe, the European headquarters of Osstem Implant, one of the world’s major dental implant manufacturers, has introduced a next-generation implant system, the Key Solution (KS) implant in Europe. The system, which has a unique internal design, enhances the strength of dental implants and provides a convenient platform for surgery or prosthesis loading.

According to Osstem, the KS implant system provides durable stability for patients and easy access and manipulation for dentists. The solution has an internal hexagonal connection and a 15 degree Morse taper, which provides larger angular compensation. The hexagonal connection also ensures high structural stability against external loads.

Additionally, the company noted that, compared with existing products, the KS system can better endure the forces and stress dispersion around dental implants. Owing to the 15 degree Morse taper angle, the KS implant system increases the coronal wall thickness of the connection of implants and can enhance their strength and maximise fracture resistance. The system also has a single platform that facilitates prosthetic planning and improves clinical workflow, thus reducing chair time. Moreover, owing to abutment compatibility, the KS system reduces prosthesis connection error and also reduces inventory burden, thus enabling efficient stock control.

The KS implant system offers single-handed use. (Image: Osstem Implant)

The KS implant system offers single-handed use. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Owing to the KS abutment holding system, the system facilitates abutment seating. According to Osstem, the KS implant and superstructure stay connected even before tightening the screw, and the abutment does not fall out even when the implant is held upside down and shaken. Additionally, the KS is the only implant system on the market that offers single-handed use, in this way improving access and implementation for the dentist. Osstem also noted that the system can prevent the seated superstructure from being pushed up by the gingiva or the misconnection of the superstructure during flapless surgery.

Finally, the surface of the KS system is coated with barium, a super-hydrophilic coating that boosts osseointegration by increasing blood adhesion. The substance is 100% bioabsorbable and provides excellent healing efficacy, thus improving the success rate of dental implants in patients who show bone loss. According to Osstem, barium attracts blood to the titanium surface and allows for the rapid formation of woven bone, thus improving the initial stability of implants and increasing the implant’s ability to form bone and remodel itself.

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