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Osstem Implant expands charity initiatives across Asia

Dr Kalmataeva Zhanna Amantaevna, vice president of Kazakh National Medical University (in green), and Dr Tae-Gwan Eom, CEO of Osstem Implant (directly opposite in black). (All images: Osstem Implant)

Tue. 23. April 2024


SEOUL, South Korea: As a global dental company, Osstem Implant is dedicated to practising shared management. The company works closely with South Korean medical volunteer organisations, dental schools and dental associations in regions where it has subsidiaries. It also partners with governmental agencies and local communities to provide dental care to residents in need, as well as to sponsor oral health products and related initiatives.

On 2 February, Osstem supported dental implant treatments and donated oral health supplies for the treatment of Koryoin descendants in Kazakhstan through relevant organisations. The term “Koryoin” denotes South Koreans and their descendants, originally from the Joseon Dynasty, who were forcibly relocated to Central Asian regions such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the 1930s.

Tatyana Park, chairperson of one of the Koryoin descendants’ organisations, expressed their gratitude, saying, “Kazakhstan serves as a hub where South Korean companies, including Osstem Implant, excel in various sectors.” She added: “We are grateful to the company for reaching out and acknowledging the contributions that our ancestors have made.”

Additionally, Osstem visited Kazakh National Medical University and met with the vice president and relevant officials to discuss scholarships for dental students and support for dental implantology lectures.

Also in February, Osstem supported oral health examinations and educational fundraising initiatives for deserving individuals and children, organised by Hanoi Central Dental Hospital in Vietnam. The donations facilitated dental check-ups and treatment for 1,000 Vietnamese adults and 200 children in Điện Biên Phủ while also extending support to an additional 200 children facing economic hardship.

Aside from monetary contributions, Osstem’s Vietnam subsidiary distributed Vussen toothpaste and toothbrush kits to 3,000 individuals, including 1,500 elementary school students. Moreover, the subsidiary plans to engage in health education programmes for elementary school staff, organised by Hanoi Central Dental Hospital, and to sponsor lectures on children’s oral health management by invited dental professionals.

On 26 January, Osstem Implant’s Philippines subsidiary collaborated with a local community centre in Quezon City to donate necessities such as refreshments, groceries, school supplies and Vussen toothpaste to children from economically disadvantaged families. Additionally, the subsidiary, in conjunction with the Jeju medical association and the South Korean aquatic association, undertook a two-day medical volunteer mission in the Santa Maria region of the Philippines last August. As part of this programme, South Korean specialists in paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, otolaryngology, general surgery and neurosurgery provided free check-ups to 1,200 residents, including 300 dental patients.

In June last year, Osstem’s Mongolia subsidiary collaborated with a dental facility associated with the Mongolian Dental Association to visit Bayankhongor province in the south-western region of Mongolia, an area devoid of dental clinics. During the visit, the subsidiary provided volunteer dental services and delivered Vussen toothbrushing kits to residents.

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