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Dr Abdsamade Agday, owner of Clinique Dentaire de Rabat, with one of Planmeca's dental units in his clinic. (Image: Planmeca)

Planmeca: “It’s the complete package”

By Aleksandra Nyholm, Planmeca
October 30, 2019

CASABLANCA, Morocco: Interest in digital dental solutions is growing fast in Morocco. In this article, three experienced dentists and practice owners from the country explain why they have chosen Planmeca for their clinics—and why Planmeca’s solutions are rapidly setting a standard for dental care in the region.

“It’s all about how you listen to your customers these days,” says Dr Mohamed el-Had, an orthodontist who runs the Casablanca Dental Clinic, together with Dr Ali el-Hamid, in busy Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco. El-Had says that they recently chose to equip their clinic with Planmeca devices because of the way in which the company considers the needs of the dentist from product development to after-sales support.

“Planmeca’s strength is the support,” he explains. “Two years ago, I was at IDS [the International Dental Show] wanting to renew our dental chairs when I met with Planmeca’s distributor, Dental Technik. I was looking for a brand which had both a good product and good technicians—and that’s exactly what I got.”

Today, Casablanca Dental Clinic is equipped with four Planmeca Compact i Classic dental units—with a fifth on the way—as well as a Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid imaging unit with the Planmeca ProFace integrated face photograph option. “That equipment has given our clinic a new boost of energy,” el-Had declares.

“If I don’t have great equipment, I can’t give my patients great service. Planmeca is perfecting the digital dental practice: they listen and always try to innovate with their technology. That’s why, in all honesty, I want all my future dental units to come from Planmeca,” adds el-Had.

Delivering total patient care

Situated in the Moroccan capital of Rabat is Clinique Dentaire de Rabat. Its owner, Dr Abdsamade Agday, specialises in periodontics, implantology and orthodontics. He has been using Planmeca equipment for the past 20 years, which he says he chose for his clinic because it fits with his philosophy of total patient care.

“We consider the patient from top to toe, and of course, to follow through with this idea, you have to have the equipment to do it. Planmeca was a logical choice for me, because they delivered all the technologies I was looking to integrate in my practice. And the equipment has met all my expectations,” he says.

Agday says Planmeca’s major advantage is the Planmeca Romexis software, because it enables the delivery of multidisciplinary dental care through a single platform. “You shouldn’t have to run your data through a lot of different software to use it. Romexis allows us to work on our data in a centralised way, whether it’s photos, X-rays, cone beam images or digital impressions,” he says.

“Planmeca doesn’t have a closed mindset. They are open to new technologies and always looking for the next new idea to integrate in their products. As dentists, we don’t have time to spend on things outside the patient’s mouth. But Planmeca seems to have a very practical approach to dentistry. You really do feel they understand our needs,” Agday concludes.

Peace of mind through Planmeca

When orthodontist Dr Bouchra Bouslikhane began developing her concept for what was to become Clinique Bô Sourire in Rabat, she wanted “to be able to provide a certain quality of work, a certain level of comfort, and to keep up with the latest technology”.

“We wanted to raise our standard to a whole new level, and that’s where Planmeca came in,” says Bouslikhane.

Planmeca provides most of the equipment at Bô Sourire, including the practice’s dental units, CBCT imaging units and software. According to Bouslikhane, when choosing the right equipment to invest in, she was looking specifically for a reliable company with experience in large clinic projects.

“Planmeca solutions provide peace of mind, because I feel like we have a certain degree of security, we understand the system,” says Bouslikhane. “A poet needs words to write his poem, an artist needs colours to paint his picture, and dentists need great technology. You have to choose your partner carefully, and I am glad to have chosen Planmeca. It’s the complete package.”

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