More webinars, more languages: Straumann Group’s dental e-learning platform grows

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More webinars, more languages: Straumann Group’s dental e-learning platform grows

The Straumann Group has invited dental professionals to explore its new multilingual learning platform, the Straumann Campus. (Image: Straumann Campus)

Wed. 23. October 2019


BASEL, Switzerland: In order to continue advancing dental care through dental education, the Straumann Group has expanded its global educational online platform, the Straumann Campus. In the future, the website will offer up to 60 webinars per year in five languages to its international users free of charge. The overall aim of the platform is to build a true global e-learning community.

As previously, visitors to the website can attend live webinars, answer associated questions to receive continuing education credits and find information on the expert speakers. Now, webinars in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish will be broadcast on a monthly basis. After recording, the webinars will be available around the clock to meet the demands of even the busiest dentists.

In order to bring interdisciplinary learning online to all of its customers, the Straumann Group is consolidating the knowledge and experience of all of its key opinion leaders and brands, including Anthogyr, ClearCorrect, Dental Wings, Neodent and MEDENTiKA. Webinars on wide-ranging topics related to dentistry will become available, such as 3D printing, implantology, restoration and the implementation of digital workflows. In addition, webinars covering marketing, practice management and finances, among other essential topics, will follow in the near future. Live streaming of surgeries, panel discussions and much more are yet to come.

Continuing professional development helps practitioners improve treatment outcomes and stay up to date with the latest dental innovations. E-learning provides dentists with a platform for equipping themselves with this knowledge at their own convenience, which is especially valuable since the dental profession can often be demanding. In order to register for a webinar or an on-demand course, users simply have to complete the free online registration.

As a leading supplier of dental implants, instruments, CAD/CAM prostheses and biomaterials, the Straumann Group aims to improve the quality of life of patients by promoting and disseminating the rapidly evolving knowledge gained to dental professionals. In line with this maxim, the Straumann Campus allows members to flexibly and efficiently integrate education into their daily practice and laboratory processes.

More information on the platform can be found at

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