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Dental implant system Straumann BLX now available in Europe

All BLX sizes have the same prosthetic connection, providing a new prosthetic simplicity. (Image: Straumann)


Tue. 2. April 2019


BASLE, Switzerland: Straumann is pleased to offer its new Straumann BLX implant system across the whole of Europe. The next-generation solution for confidence beyond immediacy, BLX, fills the gap in the company’s premium portfolio.

The new system builds on the success of its apically tapered Straumann BLT implant line, which continues to grow strongly and still offers significant potential. The Straumann BLX addresses the fully tapered implant segment of the market, which is the fastest-growing sector, now accounting for one in every four implants placed globally.

“Short and reliable protocols are a common wish of a growing number of patients and dentists. Consequently, Straumann wanted to create a tailor-made answer to these needs that is well above the known standard,” said Frank Hemm, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Education for the Straumann Group.

The Straumann BLX system has been designed for immediate protocols. It is also an appropriate solution for all other treatment protocols, ranging from immediate to conventional placement and loading, to suit the dentist’s preference. The intelligent implant concept allows for Straumann Dynamic Bone Management and is designed to achieve predictable results in all bone types.

Straumann BLX combines an innovative design for optimised primary stability with the high-performance Roxolid metal alloy and SLActive surface. The result is an implant system that offers new levels of confidence—for immediacy and beyond. For example, BLX allows the use of smaller implants as well as simplified workflows that translate into shorter chair time. The first clinical results are promising, underlining the enthusiastic clinical feedback from selected users.

Straumann designed its Roxolid high-performance alloy using 15 per cent zirconium and 85 per cent titanium to maximise its high tensile strength and excellent osseointegration capabilities. This makes it the material of choice for reduced invasiveness. The alloy’s properties enable the placement of reduced diameter and shorter implants, especially in cases where bone augmentation can be avoided.

The company’s SLActive high-performance surface offers extensive healing potential, high predictability and accelerated osseointegration. Recent studies have shown outstanding clinical performance of SLActive implants even in very challenging treatment protocols and patients with compromised health.

In addition to the benefits of these product features, all BLX sizes have the same prosthetic connection throughout all diameters, ranging from 3.5 mm to 6.5 mm, and the 3.75 mm diameter implant has already been cleared for all indications. BLX’s self-tapping threads are suitable for all bone classes. The unique implant geometry redistributes native bone along the implant and is designed to give control of insertion torque to achieve optimal primary stability in all bone types.

When it came to developing this latest technology, the company did not limit itself to just designing a fully tapered implant. The complete workflow, from treatment planning to final restoration, was reconsidered. The new surgical protocol is highly flexible, with fewer drill steps and a set of new drills, called VeloDrills. The prosthetic connection and portfolio have been completely reworked to improve usability and to simplify soft-tissue management. BLX is digital-ready and offers guided surgery and various CAD/CAM applications, including a complete chairside workflow.

In total, more than 100 clinicians have been working with the BLX and have documented their results. A non-interventional multicentre clinical study currently running specifically details the new implant’s performance in the everyday practice setting.

“The related feedback is extremely positive,” noted Dr George Raeber, Head of Global Product Management for the Straumann Dental Implant System. “An impressive amount of clinical data is already available as we begin to commercialise Straumann’s BLX. We sometimes prefer to go to market a little bit later but with a rock-solid proposal.”

“When I work with immediacy,” explained Dr Eirik Salvesen of ORIS Dental in Stavanger in Norway, “I want products that provide me with peace of mind in demanding clinical situations. Straumann BLX Implants with Roxolid and SLActive give me that confidence. BLX is exciting because it extends the treatment options we can offer with Straumann products. It’s a new era of implant treatment.”

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