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Straumann invests in artificial intelligence company

Straumann has recently invested in France-based company Dental Monitoring, a leader in the development of artificial intelligence in dentistry. (Image: Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock)

Tue. 17. April 2018


BASEL, Switzerland: The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry is still in its early stages; however, more development is starting to take place. Evidence of this is the recent investment by Straumann in France-based company Dental Monitoring (DM). It produces a remote monitoring system enabled by AI that allows dentists to check the progress of orthodontic treatment without the patient having to visit the practice.

Using a smartphone and a dedicated app, the patient takes pictures of his or her teeth, which are then uploaded to DM’s system. From here, AI is used to compare the images with previous data and can detect even the slightest of changes. The system then notifies the dentist, allowing for timely intervention or treatment adjustment.

“Enabling dentists to offer patients a reliable, easy-to-use mobile application for checking their teeth and treatment progress will change dentistry. Our investment in DM provides us with a proven orthodontics tracking system and access to artificial intelligence technology. It also secures an innovative partner with the expertise to develop further leading-edge solutions in our field,” said Marco Gadola, CEO of the Straumann Group.

The agreement provides Straumann with global distribution rights to DM’s technology, as well as a minor stake in DM, in return for an injection of capital. Straumann will integrate DM’s technology into its portfolio of orthodontic and digital solutions, and the two companies will collaborate to develop further applications for AI in the dental field.

In addition to the monitoring of orthodontic treatment, DM has developed systems that monitor oral hygiene and detect dental caries, fracture, restoration defects, gingival recession, inflammation, infections and other conditions. Additional applications, for instance in combination with intra-oral scanners in the practice or for monitoring dental implants, are also possible. According to Straumann, AI technology could therefore support the full spectrum of its activities, including corrective, preventative, restorative and replacement dentistry.

Commenting on the new cooperation, DM CEO Philippe Salah said, “Straumann is an ideal partner for many reasons: they are a truly global company and are investing significantly in digital dentistry as a core business. They are renowned for clinical excellence and brand leadership and share our passion for pioneering innovation and entrepreneurialism. With their scientific heritage and strength in digital, they are our partner of choice for developing and establishing remote monitoring coupled with artificial intelligence as the new standard of care.”

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