Straumann Group acquires shares in Createch and botiss

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Straumann Group acquires shares in Createch and botiss

Straumann has said that the acquisition of Createch and botiss shares has further strengthened its position as a total solution provider in tooth replacement and aesthetic dentistry. (Photograph: NESPIX/Shutterstock)
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Thu. 5. July 2018


BASEL, Switzerland: The Straumann Group has increased its stake in Createch Medical, a leading provider of high-precision CAD/CAM dental prostheses, from 30 per cent to full ownership for a purchase consideration of approximately CHF14 million (around €12 million). At the same time, Straumann has acquired a 30 per cent stake in its biomaterials partner, botiss, a fast-growing, entrepreneurial company that has already become a leading provider for oral surgery, according to Straumann, for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisitions enable the group to make full use of Createch’s expertise, innovation and development capabilities, as well as expand its global distribution network of botiss products. Straumann’s investment in the two companies is a further step in the group’s strategy to become a total solution provider in tooth replacement and aesthetic dentistry.

Createch to become a global development centre

Straumann’s initial investment in Createch in 2013 was driven by a pressing need for high-end CAD/CAM frameworks in order to provide a full range of premium edentulous solutions. Createch, based in Mendaro, Spain, also offered high-precision prostheses for competitor implant systems. As the partnership developed, Straumann took over the distribution of Createch’s products outside its domestic market and contributed significantly to expanding its business. With the development of Straumann’s Pro Arch system and Createch’s extensive range of connections, the group today offers an unparalleled range of implant-based solutions for edentulous patients, it said.

Moving forward, Straumann intends to unlock Createch’s innovation and development potential by making it a global development centre for screw-retained bars and bridges. Using new technologies, like additive manufacturing and laser sintering, the company will increase manufacturing efficiency and produce structures that were impossible to mill in the past. This should lead to increased treatment options, greater comfort and cost reductions for patients. In order to meet growing demand, the group is investing in Createch’s production capabilities and plans to share its technology with Straumann Group CAD/CAM centres in other regions.

“Createch is renowned for high-precision and tailor-made prosthetic solutions. Its highly advanced technology, expertise in milling and fast development streams have enabled it to pioneer and offer solutions that are beyond the scope of most CAD/CAM providers,” said Straumann CEO Marco Gadola. “Createch is agile, responsive and forward-looking, which is why it has become a leading player in the sector. It enhances our premium solutions and, together with Medentika, positions the Straumann Group as the total solution provider of CAD/CAM prosthetic solutions for almost every implant system”.

Botiss benefits from Straumann’s global distribution

The fact that approximately half of dental implant procedures require bone grafting and membrane materials prompted Straumann and botiss, which is based in Berlin in Germany, to join forces in 2014, with the goal of providing complete oral tissue regeneration solutions worldwide. The agreement provided Straumann with exclusive distribution rights for botiss regenerative products in most European countries and the Americas. In 2016, the partnership deepened as Straumann took over the distribution of botiss products in Germany, as well as botiss’s domestic sales team.

The two partners have collaborated to obtain regulatory approvals and expect to launch botiss products in North America, Asia Pacific and India in the next two years. In the first quarter of this year, the group very successfully launched the botiss range in Brazil, it reported.

“Botiss has boosted our biomaterials business over the past four years and enables us to offer an unparalleled range of innovative regenerative solutions to support implant and periodontal procedures. As a key shareholder, we can now contribute to developing and shaping their business. At the same time, we have secured access to their products and technology, which provides a firm basis for us to invest in growing the business further,” added Gadola.

“The partnership between our two companies has created a driving force in dental biomaterials. We are delighted and proud that Straumann has decided to deepen our collaboration. By combining further resources, we will make our current solutions available to more doctors around the world and will add further innovations to enhance treatment options and outcomes,” stated Oliver Bielenstein, botiss’s founding and managing partner.

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