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Swiss medical device manufacturer GalvoSurge Dental acquired by Straumann

Soon, Straumann will be able to offer the GalvoSurge Dental Implant Cleaning System GS 1000 system to help customers better treat patients with peri-implantitis. (Image: GaroManjikian/Shutterstock)

Fri. 2. June 2023


BASEL, Switzerland: In pursuit of peri-implantitis treatment options, Straumann has announced the acquisition of GalvoSurge Dental, a Swiss company centred around implant care and maintenance. Specifically, Straumann will be able to support improved care for peri-implantitis patients by being able to offer the innovative GalvoSurge Dental Implant Cleaning System GS 1000 for removing biofilm from implants in the mouth.

Guillaume Daniellot, CEO of Straumann, commented: “With the newly acquired GalvoSurge Dental AG, we are well equipped to meet the increasing demand for peri-implantitis treatments and protect patients from implant loss. This preventive solution significantly improves patient satisfaction and highlights our commitment to advancing our oral care solutions and providing innovative care for patients worldwide”.

Compatible with the majority of implant systems currently on the market, the device supports clinicians in treating peri-implantitis or peri-implant mucositis to establish ideal conditions for successful healing and therefore long-lasting implants. In a press release, Straumann explained that the GalvoSurge device is able to remove biofilm quickly, gently and effectively from electrically conductive dental implants after their exposure. This is done in just 2 minutes using electrolysis and poses no risk to healthy hard or soft tissue.

The device will be offered from 30 June through Straumann’s European e-shop.

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