Ceramic Implants International No 2 2021

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ceramic implants international No. 1, 2021

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ceramic implants international No. 1, 2021

Cover / Editorial / Content / Promoting osseointegration of ceramic implants - Optimised diet and targeted intake of micronutrients / Zirconia implant: Close to the natural root? / Quality assessment of ceramic implants - Does white also necessarily mean clean? / Restoring the function and aesthetics of central incisors / Implant surgery according to the All-In-One concept / Creating natural emergence profiles in the aesthetic zone / Multiple restoration with two-piece zirconia implants / Replacement of two incisors with zirconia implants / Treating stable periodontitis patients with two-piece implants / Posterior single-tooth replacement using a two-piece tissue-level implant / Manufacturer news / A revolution in dental implantology / A new concept in ceramic implantology / ESCI survey on - Ceramic dental implants / News / Imprint /