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CeraSeal is now available in 50 countries worldwide

By Meta Biomed
September 20, 2021

CHEONGJU, South Korea: The critical keys to enhancing the long-term success of endodontic treatments are decontamination, disinfection and the proper sealing of the root canal. However, the obturation process is bound to be a challenge for clinicians owing to the complex anatomy and irregularities of the root canal system. Therefore, the selection of the obturation material during treatment becomes a crucial task.

In this respect, calcium silicate-based endodontic sealers have become a popular choice in recent years because the material offers many favourable properties which come in handy during daily treatment. Especially popular is CeraSeal by Meta Biomed, and it is now widely available in Europe through distributor Komet. On an international scale, CeraSeal is available in 50 countries worldwide. Among these are 14 countries in the Middle East, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, 20 countries in Asia and seven countries in Africa.

Having a calcium silicate base, CeraSeal is biocompatible and does not have the disadvantages of conventional sealers, such as shrinkage and discoloration. CeraSeal’s main features are a shorter setting time to prevent washout phenomenon (3.5 hours), the ease of use of a premixed syringe, excellent flowability (24 mm), exceptional sealing ability, high biocompatibility and no discoloration.

CeraSeal is in a premixed syringe, so it can be applied directly within the root canal. In addition, it can be filled tightly and has excellent flowability to the accessory canals, which are difficult to access.

Though it has a high pH (12.73), it is non-toxic and entirely harmless to the human body, and unlike other sealers, it uses zirconium dioxide, not bismuth oxide, to completely prevent discoloration of the teeth, thereby further enhancing patients’ satisfaction.

CeraSeal has shown promising results in research conducted by distinguished universities in Spain, Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong and South Korea, thanks to its excellent physical properties, which encourage many scientists from various countries to undertake research.

More information on CeraSeal is available here and the company can be contacted on Facebook.

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