Interview: "We have worked hard to put together a high-quality programme"

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Interview: "We have worked hard to put together a high-quality programme"


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Prof. Søren Jepsen is the past President of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and Scientific Chair of EuroPerio9. (Image: Søren Jepsen)

Wed. 20. June 2018


This year’s EuroPerio, the world’s leading congress in periodontology and implant dentistry, is expected to attract up to 10,000 periodontists and members of the dental team to learn about the latest in periodontal research and clinical practice, from 20 to 23 June in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In this interview, Prof. Søren Jepsen, past President of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and Scientific Chair of EuroPerio9, outlines the event’s scientific programme, which features more than 100 top level speakers and many innovations. The detailed programme is available at

Why should a dentist or a hygienist consider attending EuroPerio9?
Because EuroPerio9 is their opportunity to obtain the best insight on periodontology and implant dentistry available in the world until 2021—when EuroPerio10 takes place. EuroPerio9 has gathered the best pool of talented speakers from Europe and around the world for an audience that is increasingly global too. We’ll enjoy a great venue in a city as attractive and well-connected as Amsterdam. And then there are the events of the networking programme, the fact that all happens in only four days and the choice between four parallel tracks of presentations according to the attendee’s interests. All in all, attending EuroPerio9 is the most enjoyable and cost-effective way to be fully updated on the best in periodontology and implant dentistry available today.

Will EuroPerio9 be similar to EuroPerio8 (London, UK, 2015) and EuroPerio7 (Vienna, Austria, 2012)?
It will be definitely unique! We have created the Team Session track, which is more inclusive than the previous separate track for dental hygienists. We have added more sessions on the afternoon of Wednesday, 20 June, to take better advantage of the time before the official opening ceremony. We have arranged sessions in such a way that many more dental professionals will be able to present their short oral presentations and posters for discussion. We have included the well-established stars in the specialty and have more women speakers and young speakers than ever before. We have built on the best of our successful experiences and we have added a number of new formats.

What are those new formats?
We have designed eight new formats. First, on the opening day, we will have a special double session with the Japanese Society of Periodontology, one on biofilm and anti-infective therapy, the other on regenerative periodontal and implant therapy. Second, the Perio Talks will offer fresh, TED Talk-style presentations given at the first EFP Alumni Symposium. Third is a lively debate about the use of antibiotics, led by Profs. Andrea Mombelli and David Herrera, in which attendees will be able to use their smartphones as voting devices. Fourth, for the first time, a live surgery session will take place at a EuroPerio congress. A new, rarely performed procedure with implants will be carried out by Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli and Dr Martina Stefanini at the Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam dental school and broadcast in real time.

The fifth major innovation is the interdisciplinary treatment planning session, in which cases will be shown and the audience will choose between different options for treatment. Sixth is a 3-D session with Dr Pierpaolo Cortellini and Prof. Stefan Renvert on reconstructive surgery on teeth and implants, in a large auditorium. Seventh is the EFP Perio Contest, for which presentations will be judged not only by an expert panel but also by social media voting before the congress. The three final contestants will be invited to present their work on stage on the last day of the congress. Eighth is the Nightmare Session, in which Drs Mario Roccuzzo, Giulio Rasperini, Jean-Louis Giovannoli and Caroline Fouque will explore treatments that went badly.

Being Scientific Chair of EuroPerio9 sounds like quite a challenge. How has the experience been?
It is, indeed, an incredible challenge, but also an opportunity to work with a wonderful team of periodontists and professional organisers. Together, we have worked hard to put together a high-quality programme with the latest research in the field, the best professionals and the new formats I mentioned. I hope that EuroPerio9 will provide attendees with a fruitful and unforgettable experience!

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