Nexa3D announces professional series upgrade for its ultra-fast dental 3D printer

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Nexa3D announces professional series upgrade for its ultra-fast dental 3D printer

The NXD 200Pro produces twice the throughput of NEXA3D's previous 3D-printing solution. (Image: Nexa3D & Trinity Wheeler Photography)


Fri. 14. October 2022


VENTURA, Calif., US: Nexa3D, the maker of ultra-fast polymer 3D printers for industrial and dental applications, has announced the immediate availability of its new professional series upgrade for its NXD 200 dental 3D printer. Based on Nexa3D’s ultra-fast Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology, the pro series delivers higher productivity and model accuracy with greater print success. The pro series accommodates a broader range of dental materials, including Keystone Industries’ KeyOrtho IBT and KeySplint Hard. Nexa3D showcased its new NXD 200Pro at LMT LAB DAY East in October.

“We are thrilled to release this significant upgrade to our NXD 200 dental 3D printer,” said Jim Zarzour, head of dental solutions at Nexa3D. “We recognise the pressing need for higher productivity and lower operating costs that dental laboratories are faced with, and that is exactly why we enhanced the NXD 200 printer in order to deliver even better throughput with greater reliability, accuracy and repeatability. Additionally, the new pro series opens the materials portfolio of the NXD platform to accommodate new dental materials that are tailored for ultra-fast printing of dental parts.”

Jim Zarzour, head of dental solutions at Nexa3D. (Image: Nexa3D)

The NXD 200Pro is an industry-leading production platform for same-day production of orthodontic models, surgical guides, splints, impression trays and night guards. The printer is powered by the company’s proprietary LSPc technology and patented structured light matrix that delivers up to 20× productivity gains over other stereolithographic and digital light processing 3D printers. It is the ideal solution for high-throughput dental laboratory applications given its large 8.5 l build volume measuring 275 × 155 × 200 mm.

Designed specifically for dental laboratories, the NXD 200Pro offers world-class dental model manufacturing capabilities at ultra-fast speeds with validated Keystone performance dental resins. The NXD 200Pro offers high throughput to keep dental operations productive, being capable of producing up to 20 flat 3D-printed dental models in less than 30 minutes. “At Key Dental Technologies, precision and high quality define our product with incredible speed, high definition and affordability,” said Christina Montiel, laboratory technician at Key Dental Technologies.

Nexa3D’s growing dental customer base includes large and small dental laboratories as well as dental practices looking to increase their 3D-printing throughput with ease and affordability. Tyler Dowdle, director of operations at Excel Orthodontics, said: “At Excel Orthodontics, our priority is providing exceptional orthodontic laboratory services, and Nexa3D’s LSPc technology with the NXD 200Pro enables us to deliver those services with accuracy, affordability and twice the throughput of our previous 3D-printing solution.”

NXD 200Pro series features

  • High throughput: the pro series prints up to 5 l of volume in a single build, delivering up to 20× productivity gains over comparable dental 3D printers.
  • Advanced printability: the pro series is powered by an armoured light engine that improves print repeatability, consistency and reliability.
  • Greater print success: the pro series printing leverages Nexa3D’s latest light engine and Everlast membrane interface technology and enhanced auto-homing capability to reduce first-layer gap and substantially increase first-print success.
  • Higher consistency: the pro series reduces the variation in parts across a single build, delivering reliability, consistency and higher production yields.
  • Cost-effectiveness: the pro series build plates are designed to maximise part-nesting capabilities while enabling efficient resin drainage and easier cleaning between print jobs, increasing part output while reducing waste and lowering operating time and costs.
  • Compatibility: the pro series is fully compatible with Nexa3D’s post-processing solutions, including xWash, xCure and xCLEAN, which together reduce the time to produce ready-to-use models from hours to just minutes.
  • Upgradability: delivering on the company’s long-standing promise of upgradeability, the pro upgrade kit is available for sale to all current NXD 200

Coupled with the pro series upgrade are enhancements to the NexaX software, including features like auto-stacking, improved automatic part nesting and cupping avoidance. Additionally, the new settings profile manager supports the entire workflow by combining validation, customisation, reusability and shareability to create a powerful and adaptive tool for any application, Nexa3D printer model or resin type.

The NXD 200Pro printer is available for order now. Customers wishing to upgrade their current model can do so by ordering an upgrade kit from Nexa3D or from its growing reseller network. For pricing or reseller information, please visit

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