President of Portugal welcomes attendees at EAO 2019 opening ceremony

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President of Portugal welcomes attendees at EAO 2019 opening ceremony


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Dr Susana Noronha and Dr Gil Alcoforado, co-chair and chair, respectively, of the 2019 EAO congress, at the opening ceremony. (Photograph: Brendan Day, DTI)
Brendan Day, DTI

By Brendan Day, DTI

Thu. 26. September 2019


LISBON, Portugal: At the opening ceremony, Dr Gil Alcoforado, chair of the 2019 EAO congress, officially announced that the 28th annual scientific meeting is underway. With attendees who have travelled from across Europe and beyond to participate, the congress is designed to impress and 130 speakers will be presenting a wide range of lectures, hands-on workshops and clinical video sessions.

EAO 2019 is being held under the High Patronage of the President of the Portuguese Republic, Dr Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. As part of this, a video of de Sousa was played during the opening ceremony in which he welcomed attendees and highlighted the country’s rich cultural heritage. “Portugal is not just a country with a long and important history, but one with a bright future as well,” de Sousa said.

“I wish you not only an unforgettable stay in this country, but also hope that you will come back soon to get to know our culture better,” he added.

The President of EAO, Prof. Henning Schliephake, followed, also addressing the crowd via a pre-recorded video. The focus then turned to Alcoforado and Dr Susana Noronha, co-chair of the congress, who spoke about what they hoped to achieve under this year’s theme of “The bridge to the future”.


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Alcoforado thanked the members of the EAO congress and scientific committees, stating, “It is only through their tireless work that we can have such a large attendance from such a wide range of countries”. Over 4,000 attendees overall from more than 80 countries are expected to attend the congress, according to a press release from the EAO.

“This is the first time the scientific meeting is taking place in Lisbon, making it an extra special occasion,” said Noronha. “I sincerely hope that this meeting exceeds your expectations and that you all have a fantastic congress.”

After Alcoforado and Noronha’s speeches, the ceremony came to a close and the first plenary session commenced. Focused on new avenues in implant dentistry, this session featured Profs. Kamal Mustafa and Mariano Sanz discussing the potential roles of stem cells and bone regeneration in the future of implantology, setting the scene for a forward-focused EAO 2019.

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